Angel Alley And Miracle Road

Thursday, February 28, 2002

Matthew 19:26 – But with God all things are possible. (NIV)

A few weeks ago I had a marvellous "mountain-top" experience that I would like to share with you for your encouragement. I was discouraged and I prayed, "God, please encourage me and send me a sign. I need it." So I got Mr. Taco, our pet dog, and said, "Let's go for a walk." As I was walking up the steep hill where I live, I started thinking about God and His miracles.

Then I crossed the road spontaneously and went to the other side where I normally never walk. As I got closer, I saw a sign that was right next to the street. It had two arrows on it. One said, "Angel Alley", and the other said, "Miracle Road". Right away, I knew this was a sign of encouragement for me from God. I asked Him to tell me about it.

He told me that I have been walking on Angel Alley and that He has had to send angels to hold me up and carry me through these past times in my life. He said, "Now you are on your way to Miracle Road," and I got very excited and started to bounce in my step! As I climbed further up the hill, I noticed some iris-type flowers. Their white petals were actually flapping in the wind and reminded me of angel's wings.

Then when I got near the top, I realized that I had never actually been up to the peak. I usually turn around at the park and head back. I could hear God tell me, "Today is the day you are going to press on and go to the top." So I did.

At the top, I saw the mountains covered in green, stretching out for miles. As I looked, I thought about how much God loves the world and how He wants everyone to be reconciled to Him. All of the sudden I burst into tears. Now I could experience what Jesus felt when He looked out upon Israel and wept. I stayed there for a while and wept and talked to God. It was quite an experience.

I was reminded that God wants to follow His people today with signs and wonders and His unconditional love. As we continue to walk prayerfully with God we will discover what he wants to show and tell us.

Here is a prayer for anyone who would like the joy of an intimate time of fellowship with Jesus, in a manner of His choosing.

Prayer: Dear heavenly Father, please help us to put You first in all things today. Please show us Your miracles and encourage us in Your love. Show us how to trust and obey, and experience the joy of intimate fellowship with You and Jesus. Make us useful in all things and follow us all the days of our lives with great joy and mercy. In Jesus' great and holy name we pray. Amen.

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Tracy Sunshine
Sylmar, California, USA

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