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The End Of A Cycle – The Beginning Of New Life

December 31, 2001

Not everyone who meets his future wife on New Year's Eve gets married seven months later, and stays married for 18 years, but I did. There is the grace of God for you, the power of the new creation. Having … (read more)

Give Up?

December 30, 2001

"I am going to lose a few pounds next year." "I am going to be more organized next year." "I am going to give a bigger donation to my church." "I am going to give up smoking next year." These … (read more)

Taking Your Spiritual Temperature

December 29, 2001

As we continue the daily journey of our Christian life, it's important for us to take our spiritual temperature. How hungry are we to walk with Jesus? How excited are we about where we are in our walk with God? … (read more)

My Heritage

December 28, 2001

I'll admit it. Sometimes I don't have the answers when it comes to the question "Why do 'bad' things happen and where is God?" When friends die, and cancer strikes a small child, I, too, grapple with the meaning of … (read more)

Angels 101

December 27, 2001

I had a dream. In this dream, a friend, her little daughter, another person, and I, had gone out to the movie theatre. We were having trouble finding the entrance. I also had the feeling that undercover FBI agents were … (read more)

And Now… The Rest Of The (Christmas) Story

December 26, 2001

More often than not, we read the story of Christ's birth in Luke 2, and depart along with the shepherds in verse 20. The rest of the story is about the baby Jesus being taken to the temple to be … (read more)

The Birth Announcement

December 25, 2001

Thirteen years ago, when our first child was born, we had a special birth announcement printed on parchment paper. We did this so that we could notify our family and friends that we had a daughter. We worded the announcement … (read more)

Christmas Meditation

December 24, 2001

Every year I rebel against the onslaught of the commercial Christmas season. Although I endeavour to guard my time and strive to reflect the spiritual and holy side of Christmas, it is easy to get busy with practices for the … (read more)

God Sent The Light For Us To See

December 23, 2001

It was Christmas Eve when we entered the church, and we were all given a candle. When the time came, the Christ candle was lit and the lights of the sanctuary were dimmed. From that one candle the light was … (read more)

What's In A Word?

December 22, 2001

What is in a word? Well, normal words can indeed have great and significant meaning. Words from other people can truly change our lives: they can help to brighten our day, or they can cause sadness or anger. But rather … (read more)

What An Example

December 21, 2001

Joseph, called upon by God to stand by his pregnant fianc

A Gift To Receive

December 20, 2001

Just after my husband retired a few years ago, we set off for the United Kingdom to visit the family of some friends of ours. While there, we attended a small church. It was November, a cold rainy day, and … (read more)

Difficult Journey

December 19, 2001

Last summer, our family journeyed across Canada. It was a wonderful holiday, and we experienced many new things. It was a difficult journey at times, too. We never knew what to expect with a three- and a six-year-old in the … (read more)

True Love

December 18, 2001

When Joseph discovered that Mary was pregnant and decided to break their engagement, he was not aware who had fathered the child. This revelation did not come until after his mind was made up. Joseph's decision was righteous, and not … (read more)

No Room In The Inn

December 17, 2001

Mary brought her son into the world in a stable "because there was no room for them in the inn." Over the years we have glamourized that stable and made it into a holy shrine. We have done this because … (read more)

The Christmas Turkey

December 16, 2001

In mid-November, I received an Advent gift box from my parents. In it was an assortment of lovely presents (this I suppose, since, as I write, they haven't been opened yet!) and things that remind me of my family and … (read more)

One Big Parcel

December 15, 2001

Christmas is an exciting, mystical time of year when we spend a great deal of time preparing, decorating, buying presents, and colourfully, tenderly wrapping them. I love baking puddings, Christmas cakes and candy, putting up the tree, and decorating it … (read more)

We Don't Have To Be Perfect

December 14, 2001

Romans 3:23 – For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. (NIV) On a recent trip to our local Bible bookstore, I picked up a button with the words "Not Perfect Just Forgiven" on it. The … (read more)


December 13, 2001

It was the week before Christmas. Calgary, Alberta, Canada, had just become our new home and we were excited about going Christmas tree shopping. The first Christmas tree lot that we visited was a great disappointment, as the trees resembled … (read more)

In The Company Of Angels

December 12, 2001

December 1992 had been busy from early in the month. My dad had been hospitalized for a short time, several friends had undergone serious cancer surgeries, there had been the usual school and dance performances to sew for and attend, … (read more)


December 11, 2001

When I became a grandmother for the first time, my husband and I went to visit the new baby and the young family in the hospital. As I held my grandchild for the first time, my heart was filled with … (read more)

Christmas Is Coming!

December 10, 2001

My wife, Caroline, gets a magazine every month, one of those that are about a quarter of an inch thick. Usually, I get no further than glancing at the front cover, or the occasional glimpse when it is left open … (read more)

Light In The Darkness

December 9, 2001

I'm not sure why, but I have gotten into the "Christmas spirit" early this year. Perhaps it is all the lights that suddenly appeared on the first of November. Or perhaps it is watching the excitement on my young sons' … (read more)

Were You Alive?

December 8, 2001

Recently, my children, aged 4 and 6, have begun to understand the concept of time. Bethany now realizes that time passes in an orderly fashion of minutes, hours, and days. We seldom use the common practice of 'three more sleeps,' … (read more)

Angel Scrapbook

December 7, 2001

I know a mother and daughter who collect angel ornaments and pictures of angels. Together they made a scrapbook by gluing in pretty pictures of angels cut from old Christmas cards. One day, the mother cheerfully indicated to her daughter, … (read more)

His Birthday

December 6, 2001

Recently I said to two children, aged five and six, "You seem to know what Halloween is all about; can you tell me what Christmas is about?" I got the expected reply that seems to be the norm for too … (read more)

Turning Our Eyes Toward Jesus

December 5, 2001

My husband and I have been going for Sunday afternoon walks. Recently, as we passed all the houses, I thought about how bare and dark they looked because their Christmas lights weren't turned on yet. A figure of Frosty the … (read more)

A Christmas Choir In My Cedars

December 4, 2001

When we moved into our home fifteen years ago, I saw the cedars surrounding our front walkway as models for all sorts of celebrations, the first of which was Christmas. First, I made choir gowns out of old sheets, dying … (read more)

Making The Pilgrimage To Bethlehem

December 3, 2001

While raising a family of our own, we used to prepare for Christmas in many ways. Each year, we would unpack the Christmas lights and ornaments. Best of all was a nativity scene, given to us years before. With our … (read more)

The Advent Wreath

December 2, 2001

In the last ten to fifteen years the growing commercialism of Christmas has brought back an ancient custom we now see in our homes and churches during the celebration season. This custom is of lighting candles to give us a … (read more)

Address Change?

December 1, 2001

Change of address cards are piled in my study as I write this. We are moving, and looking forward very much to our arrival at Parkwood Church, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, for December 1st. Change of address announcements, whether sent via … (read more)


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