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Stop Signs

October 31, 2001

Driving to work this morning, a woman motorist passed me on a quiet residential street. She barely made it back inside the right hand lane, to avoid being hit head on. Off she sped, quickly out of sight, until I … (read more)

Sign Language

October 30, 2001

In our short lane, there are signs at the end of each driveway. One sign is a national flag. Another simply sports a surname. A third displays a fire number. But the fourth and fifth driveway signs really intrigue me. … (read more)

God's Love

October 29, 2001

Today's scripture passage is one that I hold close to my heart. I am a person who, mostly subconsciously, does good deeds to make myself feel better about myself. I think it comes from a desire to make up for … (read more)

Honesty And God's Mercies

October 28, 2001

For the past several years, I have been a regular on an e-mail list. Liking the anonymity provided by the Internet, I created a screen name and revelled in the chance to interact with people without their being able to … (read more)

Outwardly Full But Inwardly Empty

October 27, 2001

I am originally from Mexico; I have lived in the USA nearly 11 years. Most people in the USA and Canada have a picture of Mexicans as being poor and impoverished. I come from a wealthy family. We grew up … (read more)

Not The Norm

October 26, 2001

When I was asked if I was going to Florida this year — with all the terrorist threatenings going on in the United States — I didn't hesitate to answer, "Yes, God willing." Although things are "not the norm", we … (read more)

Stopping The Plague

October 25, 2001

A rebellion was brewing. Two hundred and fifty Israelite leaders weren't happy with Moses and Aaron leading them. They questioned Moses about why he and Aaron elevated themselves above the rest of the congregation. God responded by telling Moses and … (read more)

Can Sinners Serve?

October 24, 2001

I have always identified with Peter. I, too, tend to behave impulsively, depend too much on my own wisdom, and talk too much whether I know what I'm saying or not. And then, when given a chance to witness, I'm … (read more)

Taste And See – Sprinkle The Flavour Around

October 23, 2001

Sitting in the mall, at the table, with my "New York" French fries just coated in salt, I delighted in the taste. I offered them around, but it seems no-one likes as much salt as I do. "Mmmmmm, delicious!" I'd … (read more)

Throwing Out Junk

October 22, 2001

Last summer I decided to clean out my workshed. As I was going through the shed, I found a big box of old phonograph records. I thought that, since I do not have a record player, these records were not … (read more)

Seeing To Our "Daily" Needs

October 21, 2001

The weekend of October 13th and 14th lent us an opportunity for some food for thought for our "Daily" needs. Something went awry with the server and we didn't get our daily dose of devotionals. Weekends also aren't a time … (read more)

God's Paintbrush

October 20, 2001

On a recent trip back to south-western Ontario, Canada, for a wedding, my wife and I were treated to one of the beautiful splendours of that area: the annual turning of the leaves with their fall colours. I didn't realize … (read more)


October 19, 2001

We in the Western World have recently experienced an event that has been unparalleled in most of our lives. The events have left many of us shaken and in a state of uncertainty. Let me share a source of security … (read more)

I Am Comforted

October 18, 2001

September 11, 2001: "The day the world changed." The words ring in my ears, terror in North America! I study the faces in the airport lounge as they stare in disbelief at the pictures on the full-sized television screen. No … (read more)

Why Do We Blame God?

October 17, 2001

I recently received an e-mail entitled "Where was God?" It was in reference to the recent terrorist attacks in the U.S. It is almost inevitable that at such times people ask, "Where was God?" and wonder why He allowed it … (read more)

Soldiers Of Christ, Arise!

October 16, 2001

It was my auntie's cremation the other day. My auntie was a special person; she was a golden fist in a velvet glove. Right up to her entry into hospital, she was helping my cousin's family in practical ways — … (read more)

Joy To Share

October 15, 2001

I wish to share with you the joy I experienced on one recent evening! I was busy preparing supper for my family and listening to Christian music, as I often do when doing chores around the home. Was I ever … (read more)

Preserving Our Foundation

October 14, 2001

One day recently I took the tomatoes off the few plants I had, and cut them up, along with onion, green peppers and spices, to make chilli sauce. What an aroma! There's nothing like it. After it was cooked and … (read more)

A Stranger In Their Midst

October 13, 2001

It is quite something to be a stranger in any circumstance, be it "the new kid on the block" (at any age), a visitor to a foreign country, a tourist in a distinct cultural cluster in a city, or sitting … (read more)

What Held Me Back?

October 12, 2001

It was just an ordinary early morning walk like all the others. Beautiful weather and scenery surrounded us. We walked up the hill and through the tunnel, gazing at the graffiti that greeted us as we emerged. We then followed … (read more)

God Has A Plan

October 11, 2001

Since I have recently become retired, I've been able to spend time crocheting — something I never seemed to be able to find time to do. I enjoy looking through patterns, trying to decide what my next project will be, … (read more)

Ask, And It Will Be Given

October 10, 2001

The other day I was admiring the beauty of a cottonwood tree. It was a sunny day, and the leaves were shining like little mirrors, flashing in the soft breeze. I thought of the wonder of a tree, the organization … (read more)

Give Thanks

October 9, 2001

When Paul wrote these words to the church in Philippi, he was in prison and in chains, and yet he writes this letter which is filled with thanksgiving and hope. How does he do it? Paul had a purpose in … (read more)

An Attitude Of Gratitude

October 8, 2001

We have so much to be thankful for! Thanksgiving Day is a day set apart to reflect on our many blessings. But how many of us actually do this daily? We don't really need a special day to express our … (read more)

Giving Thanks

October 7, 2001

When life is filled with sorrow, pain and suffering, can we take time to say, "Thanks"? Thanks for what? Very often in life, we suffer losses of many kinds: the loss of a parent, a friend, a child. In these … (read more)


October 6, 2001

Pray without ceasing … bear one another's burdens … Ask and it shall be given unto you … Today's verses from scripture are about prayer and helping others through prayer. When asked to take the devotional for a church breakfast … (read more)

Doing What God Asks

October 5, 2001

Have you ever noticed that sometimes God, or someone else, has to keep hitting us over the head with the proverbial two-by-four to get our attention? I don't know how many times I had read the scripture passages quoted today. … (read more)

Packed And Ready To Go

October 4, 2001

I was sitting quietly, listening to the geese flocking together overhead, when out from between the houses a large hawk swooped down. With it came the shrill screeching of a small bird madly trying to recover the young one just … (read more)

The Good Samaritan

October 3, 2001

The parable of the Good Samaritan is familiar to most of us. As with most things familiar, we usually interpret the story at face value. But suppose the man was not beaten by thieves in the literal sense. Rather, his … (read more)


October 2, 2001

Today's verse has caused me some difficulties lately. Now don't get me wrong, I haven't been having any uncontrolled swearing binges, or anything like that, but something happened recently that makes me feel like I need to be very careful. … (read more)

Running The Race Of Life

October 1, 2001

I recently entered my name on a website, with lists of schools and names of past pupils who attended. The very next day, I received an e-mail from a pal from my junior school days. She is still residing in … (read more)


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