More Than Birds (2)

Saturday, April 28, 2001

Matthew 18:14 – In just the same way your Father in heaven does not want any of these little ones to be lost. (GNB)

Yesterday I explained how a baby grackle came to be accepted into a family of robins. When a grackle fell out of its nest, we mistakenly placed it in a nest of robins. Being approximately the same size, the mother robin (at our insistence!) eventually accepted the grackle as its own. There was, however, another player in this story — the mother grackle.

She never forgot her lost baby. As the mother robin fed her family, an amazing thing happened. When the robins were looking for food in the yard, the mother grackle would swoop down and attack the mother robin as she tried to feed the baby grackle. She saw the robin as a threat to her baby, and was protecting it. She would also bring the grackle food, after she chased the robin away. Even after several weeks with the robins, the mother grackle was still watching over her baby.

She never forgot. She never gave up. She was always trying to see her baby returned to her.

As we become lost in our lives, God is always there. He never forgets. He never gives up. He is always trying to bring us home.

Prayer: Gracious God, we face many challenges in our lives. Through them all, You are there. You comfort us, guide us and love us, even when we are not seeking You. Help us to find You when we are lost. Amen.

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