Lenten Wilderness

March 27, 2001

Luke 4:1-2a – Jesus, full of the Holy Spirit, returned from the Jordan and was led by the Spirit in the wilderness, where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. (NRSV)

    Lenten wilderness!
    Desert wastes of temptation!
    Time to be apart.

    A borderland site
    caught between two ways of life.
    Which one will we choose?

    It's a place to stop
    on the journey of our lives,
    a time of trial.

    Jesus already
    walked this same road long ago …
    tempted mightily.

    He overcame these tests,
    remaining ever faithful
    to God's great vision.

    Our challenge is now,
    urging us to do the same …
    an invitation.

    It's our turn this Lent
    to show of what stuff we're made.
    Can we measure up?

    Facing who we are,
    we see once more our deepest
    faults; we pray for help.

    We feel so alone
    in this private wrestling time
    looking deep within.

    In our aloneness,
    Lord, we are not abandoned;
    this we know for sure.

    You are ever here —
    walking with us, as we try
    stripping ourselves clean.

    We beg for new life
    separating us from sins
    that ever grip us.

    Journeying through Lent,
    leaving behind many faults,
    may we purer be.

    This is our ardent hope.
    We pray to you today for
    your transforming grace.

Prayer: God of lonely journeys and difficult decisions, we seek your help during those times in which we are challenged and tempted in the wildernesses of our own making. We know those times so well. We pray for your continuing guidance, and the strength that only you can give, so that we may stand up to these challenges, not only during Lent, but every day. May your grace wash us clean. May we continually respond joyfully to the evidence of your great love. Through Jesus Christ we pray. Amen.

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