The Greatest Sacrifice

Wednesday, February 28, 2001

1 John 3:1 – Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God. (KJV)

"I will go, Father," said the Son.

"The cost will be great," the Father replied. "You must give your life…"

"It will be worth it to redeem those we love who are imprisoned by the enemy. There is no other way."

Angels overheard the conversation of the Father and Son. "Surely He will not go down there… to save those creatures."

"I could go," said Gabriel. "Or I," said Michael the archangel.

"No," said the Father. "It must be one of Us, one of the Godhead. A divine, sinless sacrifice is demanded, and I am willing to give my Son for them. He will bear their sins and pay their penalty for them. He will die for them."

"Surely He will not have to die!" exclaimed Gabriel.

"But I will raise him from the dead, and my Son who existed from eternity will live again forever," God declared. "And those who trust in Him will come to live with us in glory."

"But they are so rebellious and filthy, so stubborn and unworthy," an angel said.

"They always want their own way. Will they listen to the Son?" The angels shook their heads.

"Some will listen and believe," the Son replied. "I will send my Holy Spirit to reveal to them my love. When they see my love, they will come to me."

"So now it is decided," said the Father. "I will send my only Son, and He will become one of them."

"Become one of them?" The angels protested in a chorus of pain.

"It is the only way," the Father declared. "He must live a sinless life in their midst to prove His worthiness and to show them the way of holiness. How else would they know how far they have fallen?"

In silence the angels bowed their heads. What a sacrifice! What love!

"They will call Him Immanuel, Jesus, Saviour," the Father assured the angels. "Many will believe and turn from their sin. Then they can join us here in heaven."

The angels looked at one another in astonishment. Could those creatures — those humans — ever live near God's presence and see His glory? Surely it was impossible!

"I will make it possible," the Father promised. "I will not only redeem them from slavery to sin, but I will also transform them to be like my Son."

A gasp of surprise swept over the angels. Even they were not like the Son! He was perfect, glorious, merciful, gracious, holy, loving, faithful. How could those creatures become like Him?!

"I will make them my children. I will put my Spirit within the ones who believe in me and trust me. They will be my family forever, throughout all eternity."

"They will become my brothers and sisters," said the Son. "I love them even now."

And so it was that the Son came to earth on that first Christmas morning as a little babe. The angels sang, and the shepherds worshipped, and the glory of God filled the air.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, help us to appreciate afresh the wonder of your saving love that sent your Son to die for us to redeem us from our sin. Amen.

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Rosemary Watson
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

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