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Preparing For God's Future #1

December 31, 2000

We have come to the close of our millennium celebration for the Presbyterian Church in Canada. This marks the end of one of my personal efforts to mark this millennium moment and the focus on Jubilee and the celebration of … (read more)

Power Upon Him

December 30, 2000

Over the Christmas period last year, I left my car lights on while parked, and returned to find the battery dead. My son arrived to rescue me with jumper cables in his car to "boost" mine. Once I got started, … (read more)

52 Colouring Books

December 29, 2000

When I was five years old, I received the most wonderful Christmas present: 52 colouring books, each with 7 pages — one book for every week of the year, one page for every day of the week. A large box … (read more)

Christmas Teddy Bears

December 28, 2000

Every year at Christmas, retail stores stock up with teddy bears. These bears come in various types, shapes, sizes, and colours. Some have a wardrobe while others are naked. Adults often purchase teddy bears at Christmas as gifts. These new … (read more)

Learning To Rest In His Grace

December 27, 2000

It is half-past midnight right now, and I am still working on several papers as I write this devotional. The past few weeks have been incredibly stressful and emotional for me as I prepare for final exams and graduation in … (read more)

God Is In The Details

December 26, 2000

I was standing at my sink washing dishes, which seems like the easiest place for God to find me, because no one else dares come near. They are afraid I will ask them to dry or put away. Ha! As … (read more)

And In The Morning

December 25, 2000

To see the sunrise from Maui's dormant volcano, Haleakala, is something very special, very sacred. To experience it with one's family on Christmas morning is almost beyond being able to express. Waking at four a.m., we dressed warmly, walked out … (read more)

A Decentralized Manger

December 24, 2000

How many pulpits and communion tables have been set aside on Christmas Eve to make room for the manger to stand front and centre? Some mangers I have seen were made of rough logs tied together; others even had a … (read more)

The Light Of The World

December 23, 2000

I have had the opportunity of being in Israel twice, and have looked out over the shepherds' fields. I was filled with excitement at the site. My thoughts turned to that night 2000 years ago. Luke described this night in … (read more)

Sharing The Celebration

December 22, 2000

Last Christmas we tried something new. We decided to spend Christmas somewhere else, a first for all of us. We lived in separate parts of the country and although we'd always been able to spend Christmas together, we knew this … (read more)

Special Gift

December 21, 2000

A month before Christmas, I found myself thinking constantly of which gift to buy for whom, and joining sooooooo many others in the shopping malls, standing in line to pay, along with all the other niceties that go along with … (read more)

The Love That Will Not Let Us Go

December 20, 2000

One of my favourite pieces of sculpture is The Pieta by Michelangelo. It is one of the most serene art works I have ever had the opportunity to see. It shows the love of Mary for Jesus in such a … (read more)

Creating And Restoring

December 19, 2000

"Baby" was just an idea before I held tiny Katya in my arms. I watched her grow, and taught her what I could. She is 25 now, and finishing a programme at university that will probably take her to far … (read more)

Recycled Materials

December 18, 2000

As I walked into our church office, a small Christmas tree caught my eye. The women of our congregation had made it at their annual Christmas craft gathering. This one was special, however. They had used entirely recycled materials. The … (read more)

Time For A Tune-Up!

December 17, 2000

Having been raised in the north-eastern part of our province of beautiful British Columbia — where winter is something one doesn't just hear about, but experiences — I see how spoiled living on the west coast can be. Snow is … (read more)

Let Us Repent

December 16, 2000

In preparing for our journey to Florida this year, we have continually been interrupted by one thing or another, to the point where I have said to the Lord, "Why?" We have been "on hold", so to speak, for some … (read more)

I Wonder As I Wander

December 15, 2000

Advent, in the Christian ecclesiastical calendar, is the season for observing and preparing for the Second Coming of Christ to this world. As I observe this season of Advent, I am compelled to look at my own life — the … (read more)

The Family Gathers

December 14, 2000

The air was heavy with grief. Grandma's time had come to share in Christ's glory. As I entered, the family was already gathered round the hospital bed. Several hugs later, after Scripture had been read, comfort and love eased their … (read more)

The Gift Of Anticipation

December 13, 2000

The Christmas of 1999 was one that will be remembered in our home forever. The holiday season got off to a good start when our son surprised his mother, on her birthday, by coming home from Germany. It had been … (read more)

Christmas Enthusiasm

December 12, 2000

Having five dogs is always interesting! In fact on any given day, there is seldom a dull moment in our home. As Christmas approaches, however, the term "interesting" rises to a brand new level. Once the dogs' Christmas presents are … (read more)

Presents That Last

December 11, 2000

The ribbon is off, drooping on my lap. The tag says, "To Iris with love from Santa." I jot it down on my list. Then I tear into the box, another box, another box, smaller and smaller. Finally I open … (read more)

He Will Be What?

December 10, 2000

Being a mother has been, I confess, one of the most frightening responsibilities I have ever been given. From the time I was told of each pregnancy, until now as I look at how they've grown nearly to adolescence, I … (read more)

Catch The Right Spirit

December 9, 2000

October 31: I'm walking around my neighbourhood and am horrified. Just about every third house has some type of Halloween display. Some are exceptionally elaborate. One woman told me she had been working on her "display" for a month! My … (read more)

Christmas Ribbons

December 8, 2000

The little bells gently tinkled as I took them from their box: family heirlooms, Christmas treasures, to be cherished from one generation to the next. The faded scarlet ribbons from which they hung were mere slips of what they had … (read more)

Preparing To Travel

December 7, 2000

The Advent season is here once more. In reflecting on today's scripture reading, I am reminded all over again that we are to prepare ourselves during these four weeks before Christ's birthday. To do so, we come from many different … (read more)

Christmas: The Time For Evangelism

December 6, 2000

At this time of year, we often hear people say, "Let's keep the Christ in Christmas", or "Remember the real meaning of Christmas". But what is the real meaning of Christmas? Has anyone ever asked us? Even if they haven't … (read more)

A Good God Day

December 5, 2000

I stared at the greeting I had just typed into the e-mail message, "God morning!" What it should have read was, "Good morning!" After I completed my e-mail message and sent it to my friend, I contemplated the mis-spelling. It … (read more)

The Gifts That Last

December 4, 2000

I have no spectacular memory to hold onto of a phenomenal Christmas present or an outstanding occasion that is unique to the season. Instead, all those days are melded together into a montage of laughter, embraces, food, cheer, and deep … (read more)

A Chocolate Advent

December 3, 2000

The children were delighted! Behind every little window was a chocolate treat. Is Advent a time for feeding the children chocolate? Are we not supposed to see something else under those little windows as they open each day? I can … (read more)

Journey To Bethlehem

December 2, 2000

The story of Christ's birth is probably one of the most touching stories ever told — a young and very pregnant woman journeying by donkey and foot to a town far away, only to be met by closed doors and … (read more)

Ever Watchful

December 1, 2000

The other night, the dogs and I almost got caught in the dark on an unlit road winding through the forest. Upon arriving home from work, I quickly glanced at the setting sun before starting out and figured we had … (read more)


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