Centurion Faith

July 26, 2000

Luke 7:7 – That is why I did not come to you myself. But you need only to command it, and my servant will be healed. (NCV)

I marvelled at the centurion's faith. Did he even know Jesus, or just know of Him? I wondered. And I wonder still. I asked God about it. He answered in my heart in that still, small way of His. Right away, I knew I was on to something. He showed me rivers of water, running deep underground. He reminded me of His sovereignty, of how the seas stay in their beds, how the rain falls, how the planets stay in their courses, and how the sun rises each day. I felt ashamed. "Who am I to doubt You?!" I thought.

The woman at the well met Jesus. She had a need. Situation: hopeless. He reminded her of something that every believer has inside of them. Living waters. Sure, we leak, but there is an endless supply.

Ponder with me those silent streams of water flowing deep underground. We have no way of knowing where those reservoirs of water come from that flow deep within the earth, and spring forth when we need them most, when we're at our lowest ebb, our deepest need.

This is not about faith-building. This is not about believing. This is not even about asking and receiving. This is about God's promise of provision. We are called to take it, and pass it on, in Jesus' name.

Prayer: Lord, we come to you, remembering the woman at the well, and the faith of a centurion. Lord, we know You, we feel Your residence within us, and it brings us such joy! Help us to just "let the rivers go!" Let them flow, Lord, to every corner of the earth. For it is Your good and perfect will and Your pleasure to do this for us. Thank you, Jesus, for it is in Your name we pray and ask. Amen.

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Susan Harmon <nadaproblems@yahoo.com>
Clearfield, Utah, USA

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