It's Like Pulling Teeth

Friday, May 19, 2000

Luke 11:13 – How much more, then, will the Father in heaven give the Holy Spirit to those who ask him! (GNB)

I had to visit the dentist this week. It's not a pleasant task at the best of times. This trip was especially bad. I had what the dentist called two over-retained teeth. They are baby teeth that didn't fall out because the second teeth are not present, due to some quirk of genetics.

A few days prior to my visit, one of the baby teeth cracked in half. It wasn't in the best of shape, having served me for about 25 years longer than was intended. It was more filling than tooth. I knew even before I visited the dentist that he would have to pull it. It was not really a difficult procedure, although it was extremely unpleasant. As the dentist was removing the tooth, it broke completely in two. I just didn't want to give up that tooth easily.

I was thinking after my visit that life's problems and difficulties are like my tooth. We all have times in our lives when things don't go as we had planned. There are always bumps in the road, or "cracks in the teeth". If we could just give the difficult times to God, freely and without reservation, He could remove the pain from our lives, and help us live more peaceful lives. We often find it easy to ask God for things, or to thank Him, but when things aren't going well, we sometimes find it difficult to give our lives to Him. We need to learn not to hang on to those parts of ourselves that are better given to God. He can make even the most difficult circumstance bearable.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we often cling to the parts of our lives that You are most able to help us with. Help us to give our lives to You, completely and without reservation. Bring us peace in the knowledge that You are with us, waiting for us to offer to You our pains and sorrows. Amen.

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