The Ring

May 7, 2000

1 Peter 4:2-3 – For the rest of his days on earth he may live, not for the things that men desire, but for what God wills. You had enough time in the past to do all the things that men want to do in the pagan world. (NEB)

Years ago, I wore a little family ring on the last finger of my left hand, but had long since moved it to the last finger on my right hand.

One night recently, thinking a change was in order, I moved the little ring back to my left hand. The next morning while walking with my dog, the leash caught in my ring, giving it quite a jerk, causing considerable pain — not to mention the fear in the thought of what might have happened had my dog not stopped. It made me remember why I'd moved it in the first place.

Our life's journey is much the same, especially where it pertains to our spirituality. Perhaps we have had times in days gone by where we weren't "living in the Spirit", not living within or "with" the love of God. Maybe we smoked, swore, drank. Maybe we gambled, lived our lives in envy of others; said or did hurtful things — and then we changed, leaving our old ways behind, forgetting perhaps not that it was so, but what it was like. One episode of whatever it was we changed — a taste of a cigarette, too much to drink, saying or doing something hurtful to others — quickly refreshes one's memory as to the reason for changing from an "ungodly" lifestyle to a more "goodly" or "godlike" one.

Prayer: We give thanks to you who has created us, that your steadfast love allows us to make mistakes time and again, and that you lovingly understand, gently guiding us, yet giving us the choice to make the change. In your name we pray. Amen.

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Mary Daniel <>
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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