Romans 5:1 – Therefore being justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ. (KJV)

The town I live in is called "Broken Arrow". This name was derived from a group of Indians that came from a community in Alabama called, in their language, "Broken Arrow", where there was a luxuriant growth of reeds for making arrow shafts. The Indians broke reeds there to make arrows. When they came to Oklahoma, the group used the same name for their new settlement near the Arkansas River.

Others have said the name is derived from a Creek Indian ceremony following the Civil War in which an arrow was broken to symbolize a reunion of the two Civil War factions.

Regardless of the exact origin of the name, the term "Broken Arrow" to me symbolizes a peace pact, and is a picture of the peace made between me and God. I used to be at war with God. My sin nature refused His control, doubted His love, and rejected His gracious provision of salvation. I wanted to be independent of God, and continually shot arrows of unbelief and stubborn self-righteousness toward Him.

Peace with God was not made through any efforts of my own. Being a rebellious sinner in God's sight, I could never satisfy the demands of His holy nature to provide an offering to cancel my past and present sins. But God Himself provided a means of reconciliation by sending His Son Jesus Christ to pay my debts and guarantee my future righteousness. He has broken my rebellious self-will that was the "arrow" that pierced the innocent heart of Jesus and caused His death in my place. A broken arrow is a picture of my surrender to God's righteous demands and His loving provision of a Saviour.

Prayer: Lord God, we surrender our wills and our lives to you in the faith that Your Son's sacrifice was sufficient to cancel our sins. We acknowledge that we have pierced Your heart with our many sins. By Your Holy Spirit, break all the arrows of self-will, so that holiness and fellowship with You may characterize our lives. Amen.

About the author:

Rosemary Watson
Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, USA

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