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Is Your Bible Abused?

Sunday, October 31, 1999

I remember a Bible that I purchased some years ago. I reverently placed it on the coffee table. Each time I dusted, I would take it and carefully remove it, dust it off and put it back into its revered … Read more

Fire And Brimstone

Saturday, October 30, 1999

I once heard a sermon from an old Scottish minister that was so vivid in its depiction of hell that, sitting in the pew, I was quite afraid. It made me want to escape the service, and run away. The … Read more

Life-long Patterns

Friday, October 29, 1999

The other day I was listening to a grandmother recount her joy at the progress her granddaughter was making in toilet training. She had just had a "successful sit" when the child stood up, turned around, looked down, and said: … Read more


Thursday, October 28, 1999

Several years ago, I was considered one of the Sandwich Generation. My husband and I both worked and volunteered; my parents, living in another community, were older and not in good health, requiring me to visit them frequently; our children … Read more

Playing Children's Games

Wednesday, October 27, 1999

My son is four years old and in that stage where he likes to play games. When we get home for the evening, I am usually recruited to play these games. Sometimes this is difficult for me. When one plays … Read more

A Free Gift

Tuesday, October 26, 1999

A few months ago, and with the help of a very gifted publisher, I began writing, and have now written a total of seven devotionals. My devotionals are inspired by the Holy Spirit and given to me without cost. They … Read more

Just An Insight…

Monday, October 25, 1999

God gave me an interesting insight the other day. Sometimes we have a "big" project, event, or episode in our lives which we spend hundreds of hours getting ready for. It is almost a daily "high" getting ready for and … Read more

Our Filling Station

Sunday, October 24, 1999

Every Sunday when we go into God's house, "the church", we go to get topped up. I think of it as our filling station. A car needs gas to propel it along the road, just as we need a spiritual … Read more

Just Kidding?

Saturday, October 23, 1999

Years ago when I came upon this verse in the Bible, my reaction was twofold. My first reaction was amazement that something this down-to-earth and practical was actually in the Bible. The writer of Proverbs had the forthrightness to point … Read more

Heavenly Treasures

Friday, October 22, 1999

While I was preparing for a garage sale that we had at our church, I remember looking at the crystal in the wall unit and quickly discarding the notion of giving that away. "It is still in such good condition," … Read more

Failing With Christ

Thursday, October 21, 1999

Telephone Support Expert: "Well…(pause) you can't get the database back. There's just no way to do it." Me: "Oh, no." My chest felt like there were bands of steel clamping round it; I couldn't breathe. My head felt hot, very … Read more

What Does it Take?

Wednesday, October 20, 1999

Recently my 51 year-old former brother-in-law was diagnosed with a brain tumour. In the few days that remained before his surgery, he did some heavy, gut-wrenching soul-searching. He apologized to his oldest son of 21 from whom he had been … Read more

Comfortably Removed

Tuesday, October 19, 1999

How many times have you and I been comfortably removed from a situation, one that we thought did not involve us? As a Christian, involvement is what God calls obedience, and there is no way in which we can risk … Read more

A New Boss

Monday, October 18, 1999

Years ago, things were pretty stable, job-wise. One could choose a vocation and, barring "unprofessional conduct", or a movement on the employee's part, one was almost assured of a position with the same company until such time as one retired. … Read more

Trophy Trees

Sunday, October 17, 1999

Recently I read an article from the July 24 edition of Saskatoon Star-Phoenix about "Trophy trees for those who just can't wait. They're full grown, they're huge, they give a prized, old-world look to your home and you don't have … Read more

Camouflage Christian

Saturday, October 16, 1999

Hunting season has come around once again this year. I remember that, when I first started to hunt, one of the regulations in the area in which I was hunting required hunters to wear at least 100 square inches of … Read more

LISTEN Listen listen

Friday, October 15, 1999

When I was in Israel this year I stood on a mountaintop. That day I could see all the way to the Mediterranean Sea. There was a stillness, and something that is hard to describe. I thought of Elijah when … Read more

Potato Chips: No One Can Eat Just One

Thursday, October 14, 1999

One thing I enjoy doing is getting a good movie to watch on a Saturday night, and sitting back with a big bag of potato chips, watching the movie while I munch away on the chips. I must admit that … Read more

You Were Never Gone

Wednesday, October 13, 1999

There is a cross around my neck; I wear it in honour of Him. It is there all the time; I never take it off. It is like my God: He is always there. One morning when I went into … Read more

Left Behind

Tuesday, October 12, 1999

One day I read the Daily devotional, and when I finished, I looked at what it said just below it: Pray about contributing a devotional. This triggered something inside me. It led me to write about something that had happened … Read more

A Different Kind Of Thanks

Monday, October 11, 1999

On a recent trip which included visits to several places we had lived earlier in our married life, some things struck me as to how we might offer God a different kind of thanks. There was the property we'd been … Read more

God Takes Care Of His Children

Sunday, October 10, 1999

Several years ago I installed a large, vertical 24 inch by 48 inch fluorescent light at the head of Jessica's bed. The light has been serviceable and used frequently. During spring cleaning this year, I moved her bed to the … Read more

Cleaning The Woodshed

Saturday, October 9, 1999

When my family and I moved into our new home, the previous owners had left a bunch of firewood in the shed. I started to go through this wood to see how much of it I could use. As I … Read more

Preparing Our Thanks

Friday, October 8, 1999

Thanksgiving at our household is like opening a gift that keeps on giving. Because we've long had kids in university and/or living and working away, we're never sure exactly who will be with us, or who they'll bring home. Often … Read more

Life Stitches

Thursday, October 7, 1999

One stitch at a time. The point of the needle pierces through the material downward and upward. After many hours, days, weeks and sometimes years, a picture is created. My hobby is cross-stitching. I have been working on this particular … Read more

Silver Polish

Wednesday, October 6, 1999

I have been ignoring the tea service that has been in the family for some time. I neglected to say silver, because it looks more like gold. I have been ignoring it, simply because it needs cleaning, and I didn't … Read more

Murder On The Front Lawn

Tuesday, October 5, 1999

I was there; I saw it happen: murder, on the front lawn! We were sitting in the car waiting for the play to start. In the middle of the lawn was a large blue spruce tree. Movement in the upper … Read more

God's Power, Our Weakness

Monday, October 4, 1999

We have no way of knowing the exact nature of Paul's weakness. It may have been some chronic ailment or physical disability. Some scholars believe it had to do with his vision. Others have said it was epilepsy. It may … Read more

The Campfire Leader

Sunday, October 3, 1999

At a recent family reunion, we had a ninety year age span: the youngest was two, the eldest, ninety-two. One talented cousin had brought along her portable keyboard, as well as songsheets full of the usual campfire songs, familiar old … Read more

Instruction: A Hard Lesson To Learn

Saturday, October 2, 1999

For the largest part of my life, I must admit that I was a stubborn person, to say the least. I never wanted to admit that I could not do something, or that I needed the help of anyone else. … Read more

Lost And Alone?

Friday, October 1, 1999

The first fall I went hunting here in Alaska, the weather was rather warm for the time of year. As a result of this warm weather, the leaves had not yet fallen off the trees. So when we got out … Read more


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