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Swimming The River

February 28, 1999

About ten years ago, and a year before I became a Christian, I was doing some things which I should have never done. One such incident occurred while camping with two friends. We had started to drink, and I had … (read more)

A New Road

February 27, 1999

We are all familiar, no doubt, with the expression, "Oh you doubting Thomas", which pertains to today's scripture. In May, it will be the second anniversary of the opening of the new Island Highway, which cuts travelling time and congestion … (read more)

Abundant Joy

February 26, 1999

It's been snowing a lot more than usual in Port Alberni, British Columbia. We're a west coast Vancouver Island town, and usually we're able to be fairly smug about our balmy weather and crocuses at this time of the year. … (read more)

Expecting Results Without Effort

February 25, 1999

When I was younger I became involved in martial arts, so that I could get in shape and handle myself in a threatening situation. But when I fought in the ring I had to win, and win convincingly; I was … (read more)

Use Them!

February 24, 1999

I had just caught the tail end of a book review speaking about the importance of using heirlooms rather than keeping them tucked away. Better they be used, seen, touched, and appreciated, even at risk of breaking something, than to … (read more)

An Oasis Of Peace

February 23, 1999

In June 1986, my husband and I lost our jobs on the same day. A few weeks later, a Christian girlfriend took me to a weekend retreat in Mission, British Columbia, Canada. There, on a hill overlooking the Fraser Valley, … (read more)

Extra Hours In The Air

February 22, 1999

One aspect of my job includes travelling to various places around the United States. I do not mind going someplace to do my job, but the one thing that I do not enjoy is the actual flying to the destination. … (read more)

Time To Say Goodbye

February 21, 1999

It's a rare December that passes without the news of the death of a family friend or member. The news is received either in a Christmas card, by phone, and now even by e-mail. Throughout my life I've experienced the … (read more)

We Only Have To Ask

February 20, 1999

A few weeks ago, I was introduced to the idea of a written Prayer Binder from a chapter in Carole Mayhall's new book, Come Walk With Me. Lately, my prayer life had felt stale and stilted so my field was … (read more)

Making Coffee

February 19, 1999

At some of the work places I have been in, there have been coffee-pots so that we could drink coffee if we wanted to. One thing I hated was the few people who always left just a drop left in … (read more)

Upside Down

February 18, 1999

I was on the road for my fiftieth birthday, and upon my arrival home, it was evident someone had gone to a lot of trouble to mark my milestone. Fifty little paper flower people danced in the breeze from my … (read more)

The Rock

February 17, 1999

A man was sleeping at night in his cabin when suddenly his room filled with light and the Saviour appeared. The Lord told the man he had work for him to do, and showed him a large rock in front … (read more)

Falling Down

February 16, 1999

When I was younger I was so afraid of failing at something. When I used to go to karate tournaments, my nerves were just shot because I was so worried about failing. Failing was not an option that I enjoyed … (read more)

Intergenerational Cooking

February 15, 1999

I sat back and observed with pride as my daughter and her grandfather stood side by side sharing the stove. She, a 27 year old strict vegetarian; he, a 92 year old "meat and potatoes" man. She won't eat anything … (read more)


February 14, 1999

It was delightful to see the Canada's Governor-General confer the Order of Canada on Nelson Mandela last September, and to hear Prime Minister Chretien's comment to Toronto students in the Skydome that they would one day tell their grand-children that … (read more)

Cleaning The Bathroom

February 13, 1999

When I was in the Navy, one thing I learned was how to clean. We were always cleaning the ship. Every weekday the berthing places (sleeping quarters) had to be cleaned for inspection. Each department that shared that space had … (read more)

Trees On The Mountain

February 12, 1999

I shall ever remember the day our daughter received her glasses. She was thirteen, and as we stepped outside into the open-air parking lot, graced by mountains in the distance, she exclaimed in wonderment "There's trees on those mountains, Mum! … (read more)

The Power Of Prayer

February 11, 1999

A missionary on furlough told this true story as part of his sermon while visiting his home church in Michigan: While serving at a small field hospital in Africa, every two weeks I travelled by bicycle through the jungle to … (read more)


February 10, 1999

With the winter months in many places comes the snow. While I like the snow, there are certain aspects of it I do not enjoy. One is that the driving conditions become very poor. Another is that I must shovel … (read more)

Four Times Four S

February 9, 1999

Each day on the website version of Daily, the title of the next day's devotional is posted. The other day I looked forward with particular anticipation to seeing the next day's Daily devotional. It read "4X4S In the Snow" … (read more)

A Little Child (2)

February 8, 1999

[Editor's Note: Although those of the Reformed tradition baptize infants while those of the Anabaptist and other traditions dedicate infants, the point of this devotional about including older children is the same in either case.] The week after we celebrated … (read more)

A Little Child (1)

February 7, 1999

As a minister I have always felt that it is important to include children in the worship service. This, to me, usually meant a children's story which might, or might not, be on the sermon topic. It wasn't until we … (read more)

4x4s In The Snow

February 6, 1999

Living here in Alaska we get our fair share of driving on snow-covered roads. One thing I have noticed is that when snow has deteriorated the road conditions, those in 4x4s drive at the same speed as when the roads … (read more)

A Journey Of A Thousand Miles

February 5, 1999

When we were young mothers in our late twenties, my friend's husband suffered a stroke, and although the paralysis was very temporary, his speech impediment was not. This resulted in my friend not only having to learn to continue speech … (read more)

The Gift Of Leaning

February 4, 1999

Charlie Brown was pitching and doing a lousy job. Lucy was giving him grief, as usual. Finally, he could bear the misery and humiliation no longer. In an expression of exasperation that only Charlie Brown could think of, he stood … (read more)

Sick In Bed

February 3, 1999

When the flu bug gets us, we feel like just staying in bed and not doing anything. Our strength is drained and our heads ache. Sometimes just lying in bed is also painful, yet we must rest in order to … (read more)

Going Home

February 2, 1999

A three-hour round-trip to the airport, to fetch some friends flying in from the prairies, passed right by a river where the salmon were spawning, so we stopped to watch the incredible, though somewhat heart-wrenching, miracle. The river was low, … (read more)

What Will We Find In Egypt?

February 1, 1999

In January, as I recalled the blessings and joys of our family's Advent preparation and the twelve days of Christmas, I remembered we had neglected a family tradition. We usually schedule a marathon family video time. We build a roaring … (read more)


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