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October 25, 1999

Hebrews 12:2 – Keep your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith.

God gave me an interesting insight the other day.

Sometimes we have a "big" project, event, or episode in our lives which we spend hundreds of hours getting ready for. It is almost a daily "high" getting ready for and anticipating the day to come for the "big event".

Once that day comes, we again thrust all our energy into it. Our whole focus is on that one thing. Then, as soon as it comes, it is gone.

What we have focused all of our efforts on, and spent so much time on, is gone.

What value came out of it? We need to analyze such a project or event. Is it something that can be stored up in heaven? Or is it something that can only be had here on earth and which moth and rust will ultimately destroy?

Sometimes we think we are doing the right thing when, actually, the adversary has "tricked" us into making a wrong turn and focusing on something other than what God wants us to be doing. The only way we can know this is to pray to God and ask Him to make His will known and clear.

Sometimes we get so lost in the goal that we forget the purpose. The purpose of everything in our lives is to glorify Him. We can glorify Him by pleasing Him. We can please Him by listening to Him. We can listen to Him by praying to Him. We can pray to Him by coming to Him through Jesus. We can come to Jesus by simply asking. We can ask by believing. We can believe by asking.

There it is: a circular formula for "Success with God". It is not a formula at all, but a faith and a total trust.

When the big event has come and gone, what happens? Do we suddenly have a big "let down" feeling — a feeling that there is nothing to focus on, nothing to look forward to? When this happens, we know where our priorities have been.

With Jesus, we are never let down. There is always a future. There is always hope. We don't have to worry about the end coming; there are always more good things to come.

So why not "fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith" today? Then we can know if we are on the right track of pleasing God and can perhaps avoid some unpleasant consequences of wasted time lost focusing on the wrong thing.

Prayer: Dear Jesus, help us keep our eyes on you and your will for our lives. May we live out the plans you had for our lives before this earth was created without wavering and without leaving the path that you laid for us. We love you and we want to serve you with all our hearts. We pray this in your precious and holy name. Amen!

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Tracy Sunshine
Sylmar, California, USA

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