Learning How To Walk

Tuesday, August 31, 1999

Proverbs 1:7a – The first step in learning is bowing down to God. (MSG)

I'll never forget the first steps of my daughter. She had already learned to press her hands on our small coffee table and scoot around. Now she was seeking to walk on her own. I held out my hands, "C'mon, Katherine, come to daddy." Katherine lurched, her legs resembling rubber, bending back even as they propelled forward. With each step, she squealed in delight, a fellow witness to this miracle, teetering toward me and then falling headlong into my arms.

Our Father is waiting for us, too. He is calling out each of our names, his arms extended, waiting for us to take our first steps toward Him.

One of those steps involves getting on our knees in prayer to Him, turning every bit of control of our lives over to Him. The last thing the devil wants is for us to take those first steps, and so, it seems, he will do anything he can to keep us off our knees. Perhaps he fans feelings of embarrassment or tickles thoughts that this is childish. Perhaps he just keeps us occupied with "important" things, unable to fit penitent prayer onto our weekly planners. Yet when we find the time to kneel and pray, to take those steps, to teeter toward Him, what peace we find, falling into the arms of our Father, who will catch us and comfort us and lead us in the way we should go.

Prayer: Father, let me never fear what others think, to keep me from kneeling before you. Show me how to walk. Guide me where I go. Catch me when I fall. Let me plunge into your arms of love and feel your warm embrace. In the name of the One who first showed us how to walk. Amen.

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