"I" Trouble

Sunday, June 27, 1999

Proverbs 3:5 – Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. (KJV)

Most of us suffer some sort of "I" trouble at one time or another.

It seems there are different stages in life where the "Me, Myself and I" syndrome is a "rite of passage". But even the seemingly least selfish among us are sometimes selfish; or, at least, are selfish about certain parts of, or things in, our lives.

Whether it is someone with whom we are dealing, or perhaps we ourselves, who display the selfishness, we need to seek and trust in His guidance, before we look to our own understanding and say hurtful things.

Perhaps we're so used to doing things for ourselves we find it hard to give up some part of a job (including housework) because it won't be done "our" way. Then, when we get overworked, we exclaim, "I have to do all the work around here!"

Or maybe there are times when, not having heard from someone when we figure we should have, we take it on ourselves. We say, "I must have upset them; I must have done or said something wrong" — forgetting completely that the person on the other end of the scenario just possibly might be busy, or might have more things to think about than when "I" should be answered.

Do we sometimes have "I" trouble when we look to God for assistance? Do we think that we are so important we should be dealt with now? Do we expect things to go our way? Do we think that we know what is best for us — forgetting to trust in Him?

Prayer: Help us to remember, Lord, that it is in the very times we put ourselves first, that we need to trust in you, in your love and understanding. In Your name we pray. Amen.

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Mary Daniel <marydee@shaw.ca>
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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