Night Lights And Monsters

Sunday, June 6, 1999

John 1:4 – In him was life; and the life was the light of men.

My son, who is three, has now entered that stage of having monsters in his bedroom. He probably has a good reason for thinking this. The water we receive from the city passes through his bedroom and the circulating pump that runs in there makes a noise. Also, if there is water running upstairs in the kitchen right above his bedroom, it goes through his room as it drains out of the house. When he first heard these noises when we moved in, he was terrified. It took a while to get him to even sleep in his room again, and the only way was to have a light on while he sleeps. It seems that the light being on negates the effects of the monsters. Perhaps when he can see the room, he is comforted. I remember as a child, when I was scared and thought a monster might get me, I would cover my head. I thought if I could not see him, he could not see me. If the light helps my son sleep then we leave it on.

Seeing this with my son reminds me how important it is to have the light of the world with us. Today's scripture tells us that "in [Jesus] was life; and the life was the light of men." When Jesus is with us we can have comfort knowing we are loved. If we do not have the light with us then we are lost in the darkness and may never know the comfort of the love God has for us. My son sleeps with a light on because it comforts him. As Christians we abide in Christ and he abides in us. Because he abides in us we are in the light. When one is in the light one can see and comprehend what is around oneself. If one is in darkness then there is no comprehension of what is around. One cannot know the truth. As Christians we not only sleep with the light on we have it with us all the time.Prayer: Heavenly Father, we thank you for giving us the light and comforting our fears. May we come to grow in the light and enjoy being in it. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Michael Steckel
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

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