Driving A Stick Shift

Saturday, April 24, 1999

When I was learning how to drive, my father taught me in a pickup truck, which had a manual transmission. I was scared because I thought I was going to blow the thing up by missing a shift, but I eventually learned how to drive the stick shift. My first car was also a stick shift, which I owned for about 8 years. Driving a stick shift had become second nature to me. Later, I bought a new car with an automatic transmission. When I tried to start it, I would catch myself trying to depress the clutch. It took some time before I was able to break that habit.

Doing the will of God should be second nature to us. We should die to our old self and become a new creation in Jesus. As we mature in our faith the things we do for Christ come naturally. We become the instruments through which God works his will. In today's Scripture, those who were blessed by God did not realize that they were doing the Lord's work. Instead, it had become second nature to them. They did not think they had done anything, yet they were blessed by the Father and allowed to take their inheritance in the kingdom of heaven. It is not our will that is to be the driving force in our Christian lives, but instead it is God's will which is to be our agenda. We should give ourselves totally to God so that his work may be done through us.

Prayer: Heavenly Father we thank you for loving us so much. May that love you have given us be the motivation for the things we do. May your will become second nature to us so that we automatically seek to do your will. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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About the author:

Michael Steckel
Fairbanks, Alaska, USA

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