Glorious Creation

Monday, April 19, 1999

Psalm 8:3-4,9 – When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, the moon and the stars, which You have ordained, what is man that You are mindful of him, and the son of man that You visit him? O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is Your name in all the earth!

Yesterday afternoon as I was returning home from an errand, I was absolutely awe-stricken by something I saw. As I passed by a shopping/business complex I saw the most beautiful display of spring flowers in full bloom. It suddenly struck me, how truly great and marvellous the Creator of this earth really is. Nothing ever created by the hands of man could even come close to comparing to the beauty and the artistry that is all around us each and every day. I took just a moment at that instant to give praise and thanks to God for blessing us with such great beauty.

It is almost incomprehensible to me how anyone could possibly believe that all of this just happened, that one day out of nowhere, bang, there was this glorious creation we call Earth. But just as bad is the fact that we, who do believe in the divine creation, so often take for granted the handiwork of our Lord. We get so caught up in our daily lives and in our jobs that we never "stop to smell the roses." We simply seem to neglect what we have been given. And then there are times when we give credit to man for what God has really done. We praise and extol the gardener or the landscape crew for their arrangement of what God has created with His hands. We need to give the praise to God.

Prayer: O God, thank you that, as the Psalmist says, you are mindful of us and have placed us above all of your creation. You have given us so much more than we could ever deserve. So, this spring as we see and witness the glory and beauty of your creation, help us to take just a moment to thank you, and give credit where credit is due. O Lord, our Lord how excellent is Your name in all the Earth! Amen.

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Chad Janey
Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

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