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Is That My Place Burning Down?

August 31, 1998

I was having coffee with a friend recently and he told me this story of growing up on a farm in central Manitoba, Canada. "I was out plowing in a corner of our field when I saw this huge plume … (read more)

God Has No Problems

August 30, 1998

As many saints through the years have discovered, "God has no problems. He has only great plans." This thought is tremendous. The Lord does have great plans for you. He has great plans for me. He has great plans for … (read more)

Grace At The Table

August 29, 1998

I would so like to know what Jesus said when he returned thanks for the food. What one should say for grace at the table has always been a little problem for me. I remember well two opposite views from … (read more)


August 28, 1998

I had an astounding and touching thing happen to me. I arrived at school at lunch and ended up talking to Sandy. I don't know why, but I decided to share my innermost thoughts and feelings with her. This is … (read more)

The Gates Of The City

August 27, 1998

When I went to Israel last year, we visited the ancient walled citadel and city of Megiddo. While there we saw the unearthed ruins of the massive city gates. These were double gates set within walls which were six feet … (read more)


August 26, 1998

Long before my parents were married, my dad walked the 700-odd miles from Edmonton, Alberta, to a little town in northeastern British Columbia. It was the "dirty thirties" and he knew he could work a trapline and survive. His brother … (read more)

Putting On Christ

August 25, 1998

I remember as a child hearing a story about a famous actor who was invited to play the part of Jesus Christ. As was the actor's custom he studied the 'character' in order to be able to 'feel' the part. … (read more)

The Gift Of Prayer

August 24, 1998

Paul reminds us in these verses that we have a responsibility to each other to be lifting each other up in prayer. I have heard it said that the most we can do for someone is to pray for them … (read more)


August 23, 1998

A radio talk-show hostess was interviewing a blind athlete. I admire this particular interviewer, for she "knows her stuff", and she is sincere. She knows exactly the right questions to ask; how to ask them; and when to ask them. … (read more)

Prayer Is Not An Option

August 22, 1998

Jesus never made prayer an option to His followers. He says, "when you pray…" Matthew 6:6 is not "if you pray." There is a world of difference between "when" and "if." Therefore, if we are to pray, then should not … (read more)

In Small Measure

August 21, 1998

I received the following poem from a good friend and was amazed at how accurately the author portrayed the struggle we all go through in turning everything over to the Lord. God is so good and we say we know … (read more)

Old And Comfortable

August 20, 1998

I love old, comfortable things. My home is old and comfortable; my furniture is old and comfortable, like sinking into my grandma's old horsehair chair. The dining room suite from my husband's youth hosts family and friends on festive occasions. … (read more)

What Are We Trusting In?

August 19, 1998

A mother was watching her four-year-old child playing outside in a small plastic pool half-filled with water. He was happily walking back and forth across the pool, making big splashes. Suddenly, he stopped, stepped out of the pool, and began … (read more)

The Power Of Pain

August 18, 1998

A story is told about a rabbi [a teacher], and one of his students. One day the student comes up to him and says, "Teacher, I love you." "Do you know what hurts me?" "No," says the young man, "I … (read more)

Retain This Portion

August 17, 1998

Something I've long used for a bookmark is an airline boarding pass stub which reads: "This portion of the ticket should be retained as evidence of the journey." It struck me once that, as our life is a journey, I … (read more)

At The Foot Of The Cross

August 16, 1998

My cousin claimed victory two weeks ago Wednesday. He closed his eyes one final time and went on to the learn the next lesson. There are many ways to say that someone died, in this case I can say that … (read more)

According To Thy Will

August 15, 1998

Many people have prayed for healing, but because they were not healed, they feel they have to leave God the option by praying, "if it be thy will." I feel we can pray "according to thy will" and do not … (read more)

Calmed By Communion

August 14, 1998

My mother-in-law is elderly, ill, housebound and not a very happy person. She is in constant pain physically and emotionally. She tells me of her youth in the old country, of how she wasn't wanted, of being beaten for being … (read more)

Not New, Not Improved

August 13, 1998

A while back, I saw a newspaper story on the latest electronic business gadget. The author says, if you want to be on the cutting edge of the digital wave, you need this item. It's an electronic screen about the … (read more)

If I Had…

August 12, 1998

If I had the wisdom of Solomon, the patience of John, the meekness of Moses, the strength of Sampson, the obedience of Abraham, the compassion of Joseph, the tears of Jeremiah, the poetic skill of David, the prophetic voice of … (read more)

New Neighbours, Old Ties

August 11, 1998

My in-laws live a ten hour drive from us, two of which are on a ferry. At ninety-two, my father-in-law is the sole caregiver for his wife. They won't have it any other way. Though they did have good neighbours … (read more)

A Few More Steps Toward Eternity

August 10, 1998

Malcolm Muggeridge at 84 wrote an article entitled Beyond Death. "And so I live, just for each day, knowing my life will soon be over, and that I, like Michelangelo at the end of his life… 'have loved my friends … (read more)

Get A Life

August 9, 1998

The challenge every day for the follower of Christ is to strike a balance between what he believes, and how he behaves. (Perhaps at this point I should say that when I use the pronoun he, I am including everyone.) … (read more)

Our Watering Can

August 8, 1998

I like using my watering can to water my plants. The heat of the day makes some of them more droopy and drained than others, and it is to these ones I take off the spout and give a good … (read more)

Why Is There So Much Suffering?

August 7, 1998

A very logical question is, "Why is there so much suffering and so much illness?" This is a very difficult and complex question and practically impossible to answer. However, I will give a few possible reasons. First, we know there … (read more)

The Touch Of Christ

August 6, 1998

I worked at Evangel Hall last year for a few months. Many types of people touched my life in those days, from the mentally distressed, to the homeless, to the prostitute. The beauty of working at a place like the … (read more)

Who Is The Message For?

August 5, 1998

My friend and I trekked off to our prayer group, eager to get back after a two-week interval. I was rather light-hearted, as things in my life were going quite well, and I was anxious to give that "extra" bit … (read more)

Nothing Is Small With God

August 4, 1998

Every once in a while God gives me a glimpse of what I was and who I am now. Needless to say it is a very humbling experience each and every time. Sometimes it's something major, sometimes something small. Have … (read more)

Good Bye Birdie

August 3, 1998

On April 22 Birdie Cantin died. He was only 66 and he probably died of lung cancer. He is not a household name. He is Anishanabe — a native from the Kenora, Ontario, area. He went to the Cecilia Jeffrey … (read more)

Time To Reflect

August 2, 1998

A woman called to confirm I'd be on the 8:30 ferry the following morning to attend a two day seminar. Five others from within our community would be attending as well, and as it was taking place on a smaller … (read more)

Is Sin More Fun?

August 1, 1998

A mother told her young son to go to bed and be sure to say his prayers and ask God to make him a good boy. The boy's father, passing by the bedroom, overheard his son praying: "And make me … (read more)


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