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Divine Intervention

June 30, 1998

Saturday night I was waiting for my son and his fianc

From The Lessons To The Application

June 29, 1998

Reluctantly agreeing to take some golf lessons, I told myself it was only because my friends were so insistent, and that once the lessons were over, any more talk of golf would be also. Each week, the stance became just … (read more)

Two Secular Funerals

June 28, 1998

Yesterday, I attended a secular funeral. Fine words were spoken about a woman's life, accomplishments, and values. Unspoken, was her considerable disregard for God, and for Christ's Church. The chaplain walked a tightrope between his own convictions and the woman's … (read more)

Remember The Sabbath Day

June 27, 1998

When Jesus faced the Pharisees concerning the disciples picking the heads of wheat on the Sabbath, He was facing their mis-representation of God. The God their Sabbath rules represented was negative and petty. When I was growing up a generation … (read more)


June 26, 1998

Friends come in all sizes and shapes. They bring with them any assortment of knowledge. You can't buy them anywhere, can't force anyone to be a friend and you sure cannot not be a friend if you are one. Some … (read more)

I Need A Break

June 25, 1998

It's getting closer. Summer is just around the corner and I am really in need. This year I've decided I'm going on holiday. I've had enough of vacations for awhile. Yes, I definitely need a holiday. What's the difference, you … (read more)

Replies That Re-Start

June 24, 1998

To write a devotional is but one small way to give thanks for the many, many graces bestowed upon us. The printing of the material does not follow the writing of it, and so sometimes, the writer may not be … (read more)

Barefoot Before God

June 23, 1998

Two prominent figures in biblical history are described in two different situations as standing barefoot before God. Both Moses and Joshua were sought out by God, and given a very special task, perhaps humanly speaking. The thought occurs that whoever … (read more)

Medicine And Spiritual Healing

June 22, 1998

Medicine and faith are not in competition nor are they at odds with each other. Both are needed and both have their place in your life and mind. The Lord has ordained certain laws and they are fulfilled in many … (read more)

Our Father (2)

June 21, 1998

Just as He is our Father, so too is he our children's Father. Our children are gifts he has placed in our care. They are loaned to us, and the good gifts we give our children include love, friendship, values … (read more)

Our Father (1)

June 20, 1998

We come as children first, and there remains within each of us, a child. And it is that child within us which possesses a desire, a longing to be loved, and to love. To belong. A desire to be protected, … (read more)

The Right Stuff – Part 3

June 19, 1998

I have just finished my term as President of the Atlantic Ecumenical Council, and what a two years it has been! One of the last acts of my Presidency was to praise God for the contribution of people who have … (read more)

The Right Stuff – Part 2

June 18, 1998

Mallott one commented: "Without heroes plain people don't know how far they can go." Some world-famous people may be worthy of admiration such as Mother Theresa, Nelson Mandella, Martin Luther King Jr. But for today, look a little closer to … (read more)

The Right Stuff – Part 1

June 17, 1998

Mallott once commented: "Without heroes plain people don't know how far they can go." Who are the heroes in your life? Why are they heroes? What makes them so special you would wish to be like them? The first book … (read more)

Do You Listen To Your Pet?

June 16, 1998

Eight years ago, when our eldest daughters were off to university, I broke down and got another dog. We had been "dogless" for five years, and this one was to be for our younger daughter, "to keep her company". It … (read more)

Power Of Prayer

June 15, 1998

It was an ordinary day. I sat at my desk doing those things that all pastors do, checking reports, writing reports, making phone calls and receiving calls. The phone rang, and at the other end was the voice of a … (read more)

Love And Sharing

June 14, 1998

Don't let tears and death block the vision which your heart is searching for. The risen Christ is standing right beside you all the time. We may weep for ourselves, but we shouldn't weep for those who love God who … (read more)

A New Window

June 13, 1998

To pass through the doors of the old, old church is to enter a place of unprecedented peace. The three stained glass windows which face you from the front (the middle of which is Christ, lantern in hand), beckon your … (read more)

Have You Seen A Miracle?

June 12, 1998

A little boy was having a serious talk with his grandfather. He asked, "Grandpa, have you ever seen any miracles?" "Yes, many of them," he replied. "How have you seen them?" The little boy asked. He said, "Because I look … (read more)

Prayer Changes Things

June 11, 1998

It's true prayer changes things and if we don't pray very little if anything will happen. In addition, if we don't pray we will begin to self-destruct physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, pray, … (read more)

Would You Open The Door?

June 10, 1998

I had been working late that night, and got to bed about 12:30. It was one of those "hope I can finally fall asleep" kind of nights, and so when the doorbell rang at quarter to four, the only thing … (read more)

Begin With Yourself

June 9, 1998

Our Youth Group was watching Chicken Soup Live, a portion on Self-Esteem, and the actor talked about a wasted life of seeking change, transforming the world (which is often the dream of the young). Only in old age was the … (read more)

Thoughts On Ham

June 8, 1998

My cat Ham has been a friend and companion since his birth. The year after my husband, Randy, died, Ham came into my life. On the day Ham was born just outside my back door, I held his little life … (read more)

A Family Reunion

June 7, 1998

It seems the older we get, the more we want to ensure we have a "firm foundation". Family reunions are one way in which many people choose to maintain that "insurance", or "assurance". One thing is for sure: you do … (read more)

Thoughts On Communion

June 6, 1998

Elijah had fled from Jezebel for his life, to Mount Sinai, and had cried to the Lord for help. A God who could save him from such a powerful despot, he would associate with fearsome phenomena such as fire or … (read more)

Letter To A Single

June 5, 1998

You, my sister, have been on my mind since our last conversation and I have been praying for you. Both of us are single at this time in our lives and both of us wish that this situation would change. … (read more)

Moments Of Great Despair

June 4, 1998

Martin Luther is considered one of the greatest Christians. He has influenced millions to trust the Lord and to believe in Him. Yet, Luther had moments of great despair. He wrote one time that for more than a week, "I … (read more)

Academy Awards

June 3, 1998

Not too interested in being "caught up" in what seems to be the preordained positions in the Academy Awards, I just came in on the tail end. It made me wonder, however, where exactly I would fit in, were God … (read more)

Who Do You Think You Are Talking To?

June 2, 1998

When you were a child, did you ever "talk back" or say something disrespectful to one of your parents, only to hear them ask you, "Who do you think you're talking to?" Sometimes our heavenly Father must feel like asking … (read more)

Let Your "No" Mean "No"

June 1, 1998

Bishop Desmund Tutu once said during the most difficult days in the struggle against apartheid, "I do not want to reform it, I want to destroy it forever." There are times and circumstances when the Christians' only response to a … (read more)


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