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Him Whom I Have Believed

April 30, 1998

The apostle Paul gives us a standard of belief which is shockingly simple. Yet, it is profound in its power: When Michael Faraday, the 19th century English chemist and physicist, was at the point of death a friend asked, "What … (read more)

An Old Hymn Book

April 29, 1998

To the unknowing eye, it is just a battered old book of hymns, held together with aged adhesive tape which once was white. The binding has been broken back by years of being propped up on the organ. Inside however, … (read more)

How Big A God Do You Believe In?

April 28, 1998

It is reported that the famed astronomer, Russell Norris, was presenting a lecture concerning the Milky Way. He dramatically conveyed the tremendous size of the Milky Way. During the question and answer period a lady asked, "If our world is … (read more)

Keeping Up Appearances

April 27, 1998

Have you ever considered how much time, effort, and expense we put into keeping up appearances? The appearance of efficiency? Of beauty? Of prosperity? Of control? Of generosity? I suppose Martha was involved in something like this. Jesus didn't "phone … (read more)

The Wheelbarrow

April 26, 1998

A little to the right, at the front of the church, a well-worn, paint-peeling wheelbarrow greeted us last night at church. The minister drew our attention to it and said it hadn't been accidentally left there, adding that he would … (read more)

Clean It Up

April 25, 1998

You and I are called to develop a climate of belief in which the fruitful aspects of the spirit can be manifest. If this climate exists many aspects of life will naturally care for themselves. When we moved to Canton, … (read more)

Do We Choose To Give Thanks Every Day?

April 24, 1998

I heard about a widow who had experienced incredible pain and loss. Six of her seven children had died along with her husband. She could have chosen to become bitter about her life experiences but instead she chose to always … (read more)

Would You Like A "Walkman"?

April 23, 1998

Often I see people wearing a "walkman" while walking. I don't know what they are listening to, perhaps it is soft, soothing music. Maybe some are doing lessons. Still others may be learning a foreign language. My daughter gave me … (read more)

God Is With You

April 22, 1998

It is important that you believe God is very much interested in you and in every aspect of your life. You do not need a fantastic miracle three times a week to keep believing in the Lord. You are to … (read more)

Listen To What The Children Have To Say

April 21, 1998

For almost two years now, I have been involved with a team ministry on the outskirts of Victoria BC, starting a new Presbyterian congregation. As we have been taking steps towards constituting the congregation, it became very evident to me … (read more)

The Wonder Of The Web

April 20, 1998

How many of those of us who are enjoying the magic of the computer uttered the words "I'd never have a computer!" "Too impersonal." "It takes up too much time." "Don't even know how to turn one on!" How many … (read more)

Seeing With New Eyes (2)

April 19, 1998

Thursday afternoon. I breezed into my eye doctor's office to make an appointment. I was seeing what looked like photographic flashes in front of my eyes. My doctor was out of the country. His receptionist said she was going to … (read more)

Seeing With New Eyes (1)

April 18, 1998

I was working after hours in our office building. I had to deliver something to a colleague's desk. The lights were still on in her part of the office. After I had make the delivery, I stopped off to use … (read more)

Proving The Existence Of God

April 17, 1998

Probably everyone at one time or another has wondered about the existence of God. You have no doubt had those moments when you have thought that you needed tangible proof of the existence of God. Although these thoughts may cross … (read more)

Making Cloths

April 16, 1998

Those of us who knit, even a little bit, are no doubt familiar with the knitted dish/face cloths. They make up quickly, take about three quarters of a ball of crafter's cotton, require very little concentration and are an excellent … (read more)

All Things Through Christ

April 15, 1998

Shortly after I had enlisted in the Canadian Armed Forces I was surprised to find myself in a training course for Non Commissioned Officers (NCO'S). I was not prepared for this and it was scary. The worst part was to … (read more)

Fat-Goose Christians

April 14, 1998

Belief is action. This is not a passive word. It is not a willingness to conform to a set of statements, nor is it simply an acceptance of a creed. Many people are what I term "fat-goose" Christians. They are … (read more)

The Magic Eye

April 13, 1998

Most everyone must be familiar with those 3-D pictures in the comic section of the weekend newspapers. They're called "the magic eye" and they were really big sellers as pictures about four years ago. People bought them as conversation pieces, … (read more)

First The Darkness, Then The Morning

April 12, 1998

It was the morning of Good Friday. I confess I was only listening to the sermon with one ear, because my mind was on some things going on in my own life. The story of that first Good Friday is … (read more)

The Magnet Of The Cross

April 11, 1998

The sky darkened as Jesus died. It was as though the sun itself could not bear to look down upon the deed people had done. This very same darkness awaits all who dismiss Christ from their lives. The temple veil … (read more)

Three Crosses

April 10, 1998

The authorities in Jerusalem deliberately crucified Jesus between two criminals. They staged the crucifixion as a theatrical event to maximize the humiliation of Jesus in front of the crowds by placing him between two robbers. Three crosses on the hill … (read more)

The Innermost Self

April 9, 1998

I've been down at the bottom of a mine, but never any place like this. When I was touring the mine, the guide suggested we turn off the lamps on our hard hats. One click and I was in a … (read more)

A Rosebud For Life

April 8, 1998

I am not an accomplished gardener. I do, however, love flowers; and most everything in my yard and in my flower boxes signifies the life of someone who has meant something to me, and passed on. Just looking at the … (read more)

Life May Not Be A Playground

April 7, 1998

One becomes reflective at a funeral or memorial service. I've often wondered what people do at times like this, who have no faith. They are in all levels of society, from the executive's corner office to the corner coffee shop. … (read more)

Monkeys On The Altar

April 6, 1998

At an Easter service two years ago, several members in the congregation were rather distracted by two little souls, a brother and sister, who just couldn't sit still. First they roamed over to the side, one plopped in the courtesy … (read more)

Who Knows What The Future Will Bring?

April 5, 1998

It was the kind of Friday you want to forget. No, sorry, make that the kind of Friday you don't want to have happen. It was the end of a long, too busy week. The kind of week where the … (read more)

Easter Presence

April 4, 1998

When little people have grown, and there aren't any around the house anymore, we tend to forget that "build-up" toward Christmas and Easter. Sure, the stores are full of commercial reminders, there's talk of Santa and the Easter Bunny and … (read more)

Lessons From The Garden

April 3, 1998

Roses are the showiest plants in my garden. Their blooms are a delight and their fragrance is like a mysterious gift from God. But roses require attention. If left alone, they may survive, but in most cases they grow in … (read more)

Happy Birthday

April 2, 1998

This week I read a piece on "Worship" which compared it to a birthday party. At first I thought this rather frivolous until I read further. The birthday person is the centre of attention and the birthday cake honours him … (read more)

A Top Priority Question

April 1, 1998

Between the late 1920s and the 1950s Madame Chiang Kai-shek was a lady greatly revered in Christian circles around the world. Her husband was both the political and military leader of the National forces in China until his defeat by … (read more)


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