The Vision

Saturday, July 25, 1998

Mark 9:25 – Deaf and dumb spirit, I command you — Out of him, and stay out!

It happened in a village church where I was the minister. Directly after a Sunday morning Communion service, Lewis, one of the elders, took me aside and told me this remarkable story.

Every day of the previous week he had a vision. Whether he was riding his tractor or doing other chores around the farm the vision never left him. In it he saw me with Ed, another one of our elders, coming to his house to pray with his wife Muriel. In the background he saw the former minister and another elder supporting us with prayers from their homes.

We all knew Muriel had been subject to blackouts and fainting spells. These always occurred in church services or in other situations where the presence of God's Spirit was evident. Each of us in the vision had seen Muriel in one or more of her spells. We believed them to be what the New Testament called demons or evil spirits as in Mark 9:14-29. That was theory. Now we faced reality. Lewis asked us to come out that very night to deal with the demon. At once I contacted the others. Everything fell into place. It was a go.

Two very nervous servants of Christ made their way to Lewis and Muriel's place. Many prayers went up to God as we drove along. The real concern was "What if nothing happens?" We were welcomed warmly as usual but the formalities were few. The moment for action had come.

Muriel sat in a position where Lewis, Ed and I could lay our hands on her gently. What happened in the next moments, I no longer remember in much detail. I do, however, remember using, words straight from the Bible, words Jesus used for dealing with demons. They were loud and clear. That evil spirit was addressed in the name of Jesus Christ and commanded to get out of Muriel and stay out of her forever. Suddenly Muriel's body convulsed but only for a moment or two. Then, with pure joy, she announced, "It's gone." Indeed it was gone. Never again did Muriel have any of those blackouts and fainting spells.

Enthusiastic praise and thanksgiving to our great God burst forth. This was the Lord's doing. It was marvellous in our eyes.

Prayer: Great God of wonders, with deep reverence and abounding gratitude we remember your mighty works among us. You are the same yesterday, today and forever. With this faith help us to be ready for anything you may call us to do. Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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