2 Timothy 2:7 – Consider what I say; and the Lord give thee understanding in all things.

Reluctantly agreeing to take some golf lessons, I told myself it was only because my friends were so insistent, and that once the lessons were over, any more talk of golf would be also.

Each week, the stance became just a little more comfortable, the grip a bit more easy, and the delivery came with a little more force but I was still convinced it wasn't something which would become a part of my life. My friends kept telling me I had to join them on a course to see what it was actually like. Finally they just told me to meet them at a certain place a 9 a.m. I went. It was a wonderful experience. It was quiet and calm, a few birds were chirping, a gentle breeze swept across our faces. People I didn't know gave a "thumbs up" when I whacked a good one. Best of all, was being engulfed in complete support and encouragement, not made to feel a fool for taking out a chunk of grass or missing the blessed little ball by a mile.

Our relationship with God can be much the same. When we find ourselves faltering, whether in faith or attendance, perhaps we need to take some "lessons". We need to "get a grip" on what it is we believe, and then seek to learn more. When we make the decision to be led by His grace, we will find we have complete support and encouragement. We will find that He is always there, holding us up, supporting us. We will feel a quiet calm. We can put our "lessons" to application and the results will be a wonderful experience.

Prayer: We thank thee O Lord for each new experience, for each opportunity to learn and for each opportunity to use what we have learned. In Your name we pray. Amen.

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