Genesis 1:31 – And God saw everything that he had made, and behold, it was very good.

Often I see people wearing a "walkman" while walking. I don't know what they are listening to, perhaps it is soft, soothing music. Maybe some are doing lessons. Still others may be learning a foreign language.

My daughter gave me one for Christmas, "so you'll have something to listen to when you walk, mum". It is still in it's case, in my drawer. Oh, it isn't that I am ungrateful, or that I shall never use it. It is simply that for now, I have so much to listen to on my walks.

I hear the quiet in the early morning. I hear the crows nattering back and forth, perhaps relaying the message that my dog and I are once again out doing our "rounds". Sometimes a seagull sitting on a rooftop will utter a sort of "reigning" cluck, and sometimes they give a mournful wail. From a distance, the Canada geese signal the direction in which they are flying, and I wait, and marvel at their perfect formation, counting, to see if there is an even number.

Some birds (I'm not sure of their official name) give almost a long, low tweet and it reminds me of early mornings at church camp, getting up and rushing to the misty lake where birds sat on bulrushes to greet us. I hear the ferry engines warming up for the first run of the day, to take its cargo of passengers to begin all sorts of journeys. There are dogs along the way, their tails wagging, they bark a greeting to us. I have learned their names and say "good morning" back to them. The water in the ditches ripples along from one yard to another enroute to some storm sewer or to dribble down the bank.

No, no walkman for me just yet. I want to savour every single sound so that if the day ever comes when I cannot hear, I will be able to remember by seeing…and should my eyes fail also…I shall still be able to remember everything God made and know that it was very good.

Prayer: We thank you Lord, for all the wonders of the world. From the tiniest tsetse fly to the vast volcano. We give you our thanks. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen.

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Mary Daniel <>
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada

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