Seeing With New Eyes (2)

Sunday, April 19, 1998

Psalm 146:8 – The Lord gives sight to blind eyes.

Thursday afternoon. I breezed into my eye doctor's office to make an appointment. I was seeing what looked like photographic flashes in front of my eyes. My doctor was out of the country. His receptionist said she was going to refer me to another doctor who was "covering" for my own doctor. From my symptoms, she said this might be serious. I dismissed that thought, but after talking to the other doctor's office, she got me an appointment the next day.

Friday morning. I was in the office of one of the top eye specialists in Toronto. None of the magazines in the waiting room was able to distract me from my concerns about what might be happening to my vision I was seen by the specialist himself, not the assistant. The verdict: "I'm not totally sure. Just to be on the safe side, I want you to see the surgeon right away."

Next Monday afternoon, I was sitting in the hospital clinic of one of the city's best eye surgeons. I understand now there's a possibility the seeing part of my eye, or retina, is tearing or pulling away from its spot on the back of the eye. Worse case: blindness. Having been a very premature baby, I only have one working eye. The other is 20/200, and I don't drive a car. It's my good eye that's affected.

My church prayer circle and other friends are praying for me. I'm convinced that's the only thing that keeping my panic in check. After a number of exams, the riddle is solved. Yes, my retina was starting to tear, and I would need immediate surgery.

I had the surgery. It was successful, and my eyes are fine.

What's the point of all this? Just simply, that it took a shock like this to get me focused on other issues. Now, I am very much more aware of God in the daily details of life. I've tried to stop grumbling about truly trivial things and be more aware of God, and God's goodness toward me. Funny thing, in so many situations, I've wondered where God was. And yet, when I look back, I was in the palm of God's hand all the time.

I suppose if you were an angel, looking down from heaven, much of what humans think important or even critical, is not very important. You might say, if only they could learn to relax and trust the Creator who loves them more than they understand.

To which I can only say "Amen". But please, if you see something like flashing lights in your eyes, or think there might be a problem, get it checked out. Thanks.

Prayer: Lord, giving sight to the blind was something you did so often, when you walked on this Earth. We give you thanks and praise that You still heal people today, often through the hands and skills of devoted doctors. Forgive our ingratitude, and as we rejoice that we can still see the world, help us "see" that You are just as close to each of us, even if we can't "see" you right now. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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