Seeing With New Eyes (1)

Saturday, April 18, 1998

Psalm 146:8 – The Lord gives sight to blind eyes.

I was working after hours in our office building. I had to deliver something to a colleague's desk. The lights were still on in her part of the office. After I had make the delivery, I stopped off to use the rest room. While I was in there, all the lights went off, and I was left sitting in total darkness. The building's energy conservation timers, combined with a couple of burnt out light bulbs, left me in the dark.

I have a friend who is blind. Thanks to those burnt-out bulbs, I was involuntarily transported into his world. I finished in the rest room, but the last thing I did was breathe a prayer of thanks that I can see.

Try counting your blessing. If you can, give thanks to God for something you have never given thanks for. Every human has some heartaches. We have all been richly blessed, in many ways; most of which we take for granted every single day. For example, good health. People who have good health don't stop to think about it, until a something stops them in their cold in their tracks. Only then can they see what they have lost, and how life is different.

Praising God is good for your soul. I've found that counting my blessings is a sure pick-me-up, if something else has gone wrong during the day. It gets your mind off yourself, and more focused on a majestic, eternal God.

Prayer: Lord, you have blessed all of us, in so many ways. Today, help us to give thanks for something that we've never given thanks for before. Thank you, Lord, for the many blessings You have showered on us. Lord, we're sorry for all the times we've been concerned only with what we want, and for all the time we've spent grumbling over small things. Forgive us, and open our eyes to see that there is a whole creation full of things to give You thanks for. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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