A Courageous Journey

Friday, March 27, 1998

Daniel 6:27 – He delivereth and rescueth, and he worketh signs and wonders in heaven and earth, who hath delivered Daniel from the power of the lions.

On March 2 and March 6 I wrote about my friend's mother-in-law who had a stroke while vacationing near her. It was massive, and at first it seemed there was no hope. Few figured on the will of a feisty 85-year-old who had farmed all her life. As she rallied somewhat, the family was told she would never walk or talk again.

Devastating as this was, their one hope was that she get to the point where she would be able to be moved to a hospital near their home town in Alberta.

Although the medical staff were wonderful in their attempts to accomplish this manoeuvre, neither province was prepared to foot the bill of an air ambulance. The next course considered was to get her strong enough to endure a commercial flight. This would necessitate a two- to three-hour ride in an ambulance, on the ferry, to the airport, then the flight, at least an hour and a half, another ambulance ride of 45 minutes to the hospital, plus all the waiting time. Things just weren't "gelling".

This wonderful family, who have farmed all their lives, "took the bull by the horns" as we say, flew to Vancouver where they had arranged the rental of a motor home, and came to take their mother home. It was a long, 19-hour journey, gruelling at times, with changing weather conditions, but they did it.

She probably will never walk again. Though she tries very hard, she probably won't verbalize either. She does, however, communicate. She is feeding herself. She is flourishing.

This, I believe, comes from love, courage, support, and the will to live. This too, I believe, we receive from God.

Prayer: We thank thee Lord for your Spirit which lives within us. We thank you for those times when we need only call on that Spirit to get us through our roughest hours. Through Jesus Christ Our Lord we pray. Amen.

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