Psalm 78:40-43

    How often they rebelled against him in the desert
    and grieved him in the wasteland!
    Again and again they put God to the test;
    they vexed the Holy One of Israel.
    They did not remember his power—
    the day he redeemed them from the oppressor,
    the day he displayed his miraculous signs in Egypt,
    his wonders in the region of Zoan. (NIV)

A friend of mine in ministry says, "God's people have amnesia." It seems God's people forget so easily all the good things our Saviour has given them — life, health, a roof over their heads, food to eat, the companionship of family, friends and other Christians, but most of all, salvation. We grumble and complain because we have forgotten how good God has been to us, and because God has not given us what we want. We are like spoiled children stamping our feet because we did not get our way. Ouch!

As a widow, I so often look only at my loneliness and not the blessings God has provided me. Then I moan and groan because I am "alone" when God has given me a wonderful, loving congregational family and so very much in the way of creature comforts. I ought to be grateful instead of grumbling. After all, my "wilderness" is travelled in air-conditioned comfort.

I believe God sends most of the Lord's people through some sort of "Sinai wilderness" experience. The trouble is, that while I am there, I tend to forget the mighty acts of God that got me there and then when I come to the foot of Mt. Sinai, I am so unprepared for God's Epiphany of Grace. I am so surprised by Grace. I shouldn't be. But then, I too suffer from amnesia from time to time.

Prayer: Great God of Sinai, in Jesus' name, I make bold to approach your throne of grace and mercy. Forgive my grumbling. Remove my "amnesia" and restore my memory. Continue to surprise me with your epiphany of grace, but let me never presume upon your grace and presence. For I pray in my loving Saviour's name. Amen.

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Tionesta, Pennsylvania, USA

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