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Trusting God

October 24, 1997
by Bruce M. Dinsmore

Matthew 18:4 – Therefore, whoever humbles himself like this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven.

One of the newest members of my congregation is Jeffrey Alexander. He is nine months old. You should know two things about him. One, he loves to cuddle, and second, he can sleep anywhere. He teaches me things about trust.

I've heard lots of sermons about trusting God with one's life. I still have trouble with that. I think most twentieth century people want to be in charge of things, and run their own life. They may have trouble believing God is to be trusted, or even have trouble believing in God, period.

Jesus said that the hairs of our heads are all numbered, and that a sparrow would not fall to the ground without God knowing about it. I think that little Alex, as he's called, at nine months, understands this better than I do.

I can be holding him during the fellowship hour, and he will nod off to sleep, right in my arms. He doesn't seem to care that I'm not one of his family. He has all the trust in the universe, as he snuggles in against my shoulder, and drops off to sleep. To him, the world is a secure place, filled with loving people who care. He is free from grown-up hang-ups, and can return that love freely.

Matthew's Gospel records that one group of people who were full of grown-up concerns were the twelve disciples. They were asking about being great in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus took a small child, stood it in their midst, and told them "The greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven is the one who humbles himself and becomes like this child" (Matthew 18:4)

In time, Alex will learn other things about trust; but for now, I'll let him help me learn about trust in God's Kingdom.

Prayer: Lord, in this busy world, full of so many things that we think are important, help us remember that you do care for us, as a parent cares for a child. Oh Lord, if we became more like children, the better adults we would be. In Jesus' name. Amen.

About the author:

Bruce M. Dinsmore <dinsmore@pathcom.com>
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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