My Greatest Pleasure

Thursday, October 23, 1997

Psalm 16:3 – How excellent are the Lord's faithful people! My greatest pleasure is to be with them.

What is our greatest pleasure? The answer will tell us much about ourselves. The problem, however, is to narrow it down to one pleasure. Most of us have several pleasures that rank high. For me, to be part of a community where there is Highland Scottish culture, including the Gaelic language with its songs of matchless beauty, along with fiddle, bagpipe and harp music, would thrill me beyond measure.

I have a vivid memory from my youth of an evening at my Grandmother Muir's place where members of the Toronto Gaelic Society had gathered for an evening of Gaelic singing and music. The impact on me was terrific. Later, when I was a student minister in Cape Breton there were several occasions with Gaelic songs, fiddle music and happy chatter well sprinkled with Gaelic expressions. There was also the Gaelic College at St. Anne's each summer when the Highland culture was taught and absorbed with great enthusiasm. Those were touches of heaven for me. Even now there are moments when from deep within my heart there is the cry, "We should never have left Cape Breton."

Eventually my greatest pleasure became crystal clear. In a moment; in the twinkling of an eye, as it were, the words of the ancient psalmist said it all: "How excellent are the Lord's faithful people! My greatest pleasure is to be with them." In an instant my mind started identifying my very best friends. It turned out that they were all among God's faithful people. They all belonged to some branch of the widespread Christian community. This doesn't mean that all Christians give me the greatest pleasure but, rather, that when I find a person who gives me great delight, that person always turns out to be one of God's faithful people.

Whatever the result may be, you will find the search rewarding. It is worth a try.

Prayer: Almighty God, giver of every good and perfect gift, we praise and thank you for the joys and pleasures that enrich our lives which you provide through your faithful people. Help us all by your Spirit to give joy and pleasure to others even as they give joy and pleasure to us, Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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