Isaiah 49:1 – Listen to me, distant nations, you people who live far away…

I was sitting in my office doing whatever scientists do, when the door pushed open and a colleague from downstairs came in saying, "You're a real live Christian. Tell me what I should be doing…"

I don't remember what his problem was, but more than 40 years later I still remember his coming in.

That sort of thing was totally unexpected and totally off the wall. We were roughly the same age with the same background in science, working in the same community for the same employer on roughly the same topics. How was I supposed to solve his problems if he couldn't?

So I was a real live Christian and he wasn't? Maybe, maybe not…

God works in mysterious ways, but you'd think there had to be a better way on that occasion. There was no searching or testing, no therapy couch, no touchy/feely stuff, no voices, no nothing. Just a startled, real live Christian listening, I suppose, to what needed to be heard.

Prayer: Thank You, Lord, that we also serve, who just sit and listen. In Jesus' name. Amen.

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Gordon Hodgson

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