Death, A Spiritual High

August 11, 1997

John 8:51 – Very truly, I tell you, whoever keeps my word will never see death.

What Jesus was saying was, "Believe me when I tell you that if anybody accepts my words and keeps them will never experience death at all; he shall never know what it is to die."

"What is it like to die?" I am sure we all ask this question from time to time. As we grow older or are faced with life-threatening illnesses, we may well wonder about it even more. In my own on-going battle with cancer I ask it frequently.

Today, an amazing relief overwhelmed me. We had "Reach Out", a special choir at Chalmers Presbyterian Church in London, Ontario, Canada. It was founded in 1973. It is made up of ordinary people who love to sing and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in song. The choir has very talented singers, but not a professional among them. Many of their pieces were specially written by their own Director/Leaders. This morning's presentation made a major impact on me. It was truly a spiritual high.

The selections, Reach Out and Anything Can Happen, highlighted their programme handout. Their announced purpose is to bring a message of hope to congregations. The lyrics were saturated with great words from Scripture. It was a true proclamation of the Word of the Lord with power and beauty. Anything Can Happen they warned, and it did. A tremendous upsurge of spiritual power entered me, quickening and stimulating my whole being, body, mind and spirit, to such a degree that the little verse from Jesus, in John 8:51, made clear, to me at least, that death can be A Spiritual High (though not to be sought for that reason).

Prayer: Great God of all the earth, through your Son Jesus Christ, you have promised to all who trust you and live by your Word the gift of eternal life, beginning in this present world. When those high moments of amazement and blessing become real for us, we praise and thank you beyond measure. In the Holy name of Jesus our Lord, we give you all the glory. Amen.

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