Matthew 10:30 – But the very hairs of your head are all numbered.

Ever since Jesus said that the hairs of our head are numbered, people have speculated on what that might involve. One preacher remarked, "When we comb our hair and a few strands come off in our comb, an angel changes the figures in the books of heaven!" Bald people claim that God has an easy time numbering their hair, and that obviously, the days of their hair are numbered. One little girl was found examining a single hair that had come off in her brush, wondering what number this hair might have had.

The fact of the matter is that Jesus was trying to tell us that God's concern for us extends even to the smallest details. If He pays so much attention to little things, how much more attention must He pay to more important things like food, clothes and shelter, and the really important things, like our spiritual needs: our relationship to Him through Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins, and eternal life. When we put our lives into God's keeping, we never need to be afraid.

Prayer: Thank You, O Lord, that in Your providential care for us, the smallest details do not escape Your notice. Help us to remember to bring our small, as well as our big concerns to you, as we learn how to pray without ceasing. Amen.

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Mission, British Columbia, Canada

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