Luke 2:52 – And Jesus increased in wisdom and in years, and in divine and human favour.

I just read an article about the youth of today and the terrible state of their lives. The article lamented that most youth were addicted to computer and T.V. monitors at the least, and to cocaine and marijuana at the most, and basically said there was no health in any of them. And I've caught you,

    yes, you, even in my own denomination —
    you who are basically open
    and supportive of youth —
saying the same thing about youth, about the prospects for the future, and about most adults' lack of hope for youth, no, it's now almost despair, especially when the topic of youth and the church comes up. And all I can think of are the youth I know by name and I praise and thank God for each and every one, and see them as a wonderful gift of God,
    to the world
    and to the church,
and I will be the first to entrust the care of this earth into their hands. I hold them in my heart and prayers, especially when I think of the future of the church.

Prayer: God, we offer prayer for all those growing in wisdom and years during these difficult days. Lord, we commit ourselves, as the church, to be there for them and walk with them along the dusty and difficult road toward maturity. Amen.

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