2 Corinthians 5:19-20 – In Christ God was reconciling the world to himself, not counting their trespasses against them and entrusting the message of reconciliation to us. So we are ambassadors for Christ, since God is making his appeal through us.

It is here, in the Christ, that I come closest to knowing the Creator God, the source of all life and love in the universe, eternal, unchanging, all-powerful.

And I am left knowing that the only biographical picture I ever want of God wears the face of Jesus Christ. I'm afraid I can't figure out the vengeful God who is mighty in battle, or the judgmental God who visits the sins of the parents upon the children generation after generation. And I certainly can't figure out the God who calls for the eradication of a nation and its people simply because that nation is in possession of a certain piece of land.

    But I can understand a God who invites me

    to forgive without ceasing,
    to love without counting the cost,
    to serve selflessly and sacrificially,
    to offer a cup of cold water to the thirsty,
    or to clothe and feed the hungry.

    I can follow a God who invites me
    to turn the other cheek,
    to walk a mile in another's shoes,
    or to do to others as I would have them do to me.

    I can worship a God
    who goes to the cross for me and for my salvation,
    who forgives me and loves me
    and who leads me in spite of all that I have done
    contrary to the divine will.

    I can give my life to a God who invites me
    to cast the first stone at a sinner
    if I cannot see myself in that sinner.

    And when I look in the eyes of Christ
    all I see is love and compassion
    and my heart of stone melts
    and I know I am loved
    beyond any measure of that word love.

I can write the biography of this God who walked with wounded feet the road I take each day, and I can follow this God wherever he may lead, whether to the mountaintops or down through the valley of deep darkness and death, because this God loved me when I was absolutely unlovable. And without hesitation and without doubt I can cry out to this God: "Into your hands I commend my spirit."

Prayer: God, I do not understand all mysteries and I do not understand the reason behind the universe, but I do understand the love you have for me as revealed in Jesus Christ, and for this I give you thanks. Grant me a fuller vision of you as I walk through this day. Amen.

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