Ezekiel – A New Heart

Monday, October 28, 1996

Ezekiel 11:14-21 – I will give them one heart, and put a new spirit within them.

Picture a boring class in Seminary. Look around and notice that about half the class is sleeping with eyes somehow glued open. Picture a tall, somber professor decked out in Geneva black, labouring over the pros and cons of the Westminster Confession, specifically about its teaching on Sanctification (that's chapter 13 for all you Calvinists). This was the stuff that could put the keenest student to sleep and I wasn't that keen in the first place.

My recollection is that something became different at the very moment he quoted the Confession and I woke to his words as he said:

"They are effectually called and regenerated, having a new heart and a new spirit created in them, are further sanctified really and personally through the virtues of Christ's death and resurrection dwelling in them."

Words have a way of taking on a life of their own. I was privileged to have these words come alive within me, literally, as Dr. Hay droned on. What had been dead and boring just moments before took on vibrant life within me, and convinced me that even I could be made new with a new heart and a new spirit.

By this time Dr. Hay was looking out the window as he often did when a subject became personally meaningful for him, and he was now talking about how hearts of stone could be suddenly transformed into heart of living flesh, and I was gripping the desk silently mouthing, "Yes, yes, I know what you're saying."

I looked around and saw the class… some still sleeping, some now doodling, others taking sketchy notes, but not one seemed to be experiencing the rapture and revelation that was within me. I was feeling my heart – cold as stone, becoming alive within me, filling me with the life-giving love of my Lord.

Prayer: Searcher of hearts and Seeker of souls: I open myself to your transforming power this day. I live confident that you can recreate me and use me and call me into your service, through Jesus Christ my Lord. Amen.

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