Friday, October 18, 1996

1 Corinthians 13:1 – Love is not self seeking.

The weeping elm tree was felled. It had once been a beautiful tree with long branches and a leafy canopy that stretched right to the ground. Now it was condemned to be burned to stop the spread of dutch elm disease. I looked carefully at the pile of branches, for their shape had caught my attention. They were not long or straight or gently curved, but a twisted turning heap, locked together, curving back on themselves in huge once-living knots. It had just grown that way. It was natural for it to do so.

Sometimes the meanings of words become twisted, they just grow that way, but it is not always natural. Think for a moment of the word "Love". What thoughts does its meaning call to mind.? Think of how many meanings do we twist into it.

St. Paul reminds us that love is not "self-seeking", yet we have twisted love and it has become selfish. We see a word knotted up by our desire to possess. Ours is a desire to possess people, places and yet more possessions. We begin to become twisted when we love a person, a place or anything else simply for what we can get from it.

Jesus shows us a love that is not self-seeking, but based on a desire to give, and give and give. His desire to give to us cost him his life. We twist and destroy love when we think that it only means take; we must learn to give if we are to follow in the love of Christ. We must give if we are to begin to love as Christ loves us.

Prayer: Lord Jesus give us the love for others that you have for them. Amen.

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