John 15:12 – My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you.

Growing up, I had a grand-uncle John Lauchie, who was a gruff old farmer. He was married to Mable. My memories of them are from the time when they were in their late seventies. Both of them were getting old and it was hard for them to get around. Mable had always waited on John Lauchie hand and foot, to the point where if we were there and he was going to read something, he'd say, "Mable, run up and get my glasses".

Finally the day came when Mable died. My grand-uncle was devastated, completely inconsolable. The family got to the point where they were more than a little concerned with his ongoing grief. So my mother, who was a favorite niece, was appointed to speak to him. When she talked to him, she said, "Surely you noticed Mable getting old." He responded, "I noticed that I was getting old… I never noticed that Mable was getting old".

It depends on how you look at people or situations as to what you will see. If you seek the face of the living Christ and look with the eyes of love then you will find it.

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Glenn S. MacDonald
Thorburn, Nova Scotia, Canada

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