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13. update on Katie posted on 5/15/2020135
No news of Katie hasd been relayed to her parents. Katie has told authorities not to give information. Repeated calls to Police have not been returned. If only they were told "Case Resolved", that would not give information but it would relieve their worry. Father You are in control. May peace be given to all. Amen

14. Seniors in Community posted by Ruth Burk on 5/15/2020111
Please pray for seniors living in community as they struggle to stay safe. People pass away due to all sorts of things other than Covid-9. It is hard not to be able to give their family and friends a hug. Give us other ways, Lord, to show our caring.

15. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/20191253
"I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would appreciate your prayers that God will enable this physician to figure out what is going on and thus be able to do something to eliminate the pain. Thank you."
Update posted on 5/14/2020: I received a call from the Oncologist and have to go for a repeat mammogram on June 1st. Please continue to pray for me. Thank you.

16. More On "A Worried Daughter Praying For Her Mom", originally posted on 5/2/2020215
"Lord, I lift up to You, my dearest Mom, C.D. Please strengthen her, heal her and protect her, Lord. I believe that only You know what is in her heart and mind. She really needs your help, Lord. I praise You, Lord, for keeping us connected even though we are apart. I also pray for those who cannot be with their loved ones at this time. Please Lord, hear our prayers. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen."
Update posted on 5/14/2020: My Mom and I greatly appreciate everyone's prayers and messages. She expresses her joy every time I share with her that many people are thinking of us! Thank you for continuing to help me pray for my Mom! Thank You, Lord for keeping us close to You and for touching my Mom's heart. In Jesus' name, I pray. Amen.

17. More On "Still Hope", originally posted on 4/22/2020326
"Please pray for all abuse to stop in our family. It feels so much worse than the current Covid-19 emergency going on. Please pray for repentance within family. Pray for heart truth, and for lies to be faced in Christ’s light and somehow forgiven. Pray for this in all families too, not just mine. Thankyou. Please."
Update posted on 5/14/2020: It feels like the barriers and walls are slowing getting chipped away. Thank you to ALL my brothers and sisters in the family of Christ!!! I look forward to the time when all my family can fellowship together unashamedly in our Awesome God! May all forms of abuse continue to be terminated within our own personal families so that Christ’s love can shine in the simple kindnesses of human love. Yes let’s keep on praying??? ??

18. Praise Report posted by Lori Ciccanti on 5/7/2020167
Praise God, this morning, doctors, at a university hospital in Pennsylvania, have successfully removed a large stone from Lou’s bile duct. They are going to keep him there for at least 24 hours; then send him back to our local hospital for re-evaluation. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support. You have been such a blessing and comfort to us throughout this whole ordeal. Now we need continuing prayer for a full and speedy recovery. In His Love, Lori

19. Open doors, posted by Ruth Baker on 5/6/2020129
Father, you know that C and A. had travelled 12 hours from their home to spend time with C's children. They had been home and practiced social distancing 'for nearly 2 months, before making the trip, Now the mother of two of his children will not allow them to spend several days with the children. May you soften the mother`s heart because the kids miss their dad and don't get to see him often. C and A rented a cabin in a secluded area so that the children would be safe from the Covid-19 virus. May the mom change her mind and allow the dad to spend time with them. He pays support for them. Please take care of this situation, Lord, as you see fit. In Jesus name. Amen

20. healing posted by Ruth Baker on 5/6/2020131
Lord, be with Brenda M today as she recovers from a serious heart procedure that she had yesterday. May her body heal completely and may she return to her family with the joy of Jesus on her face. In Jesus name Amen.

21. Job posted on 5/5/2020131
Please pray for C as he just lost his job. He needs a job to pay his bills. He needs all the prayers that he can get. He is stressed out and feels defeated. He really needs a touch from God and encouragement. Please pray that he gets a job as soon as possible. I know that God is in control and I pray for His will to be done in this situation. Thanks

22. More On "Heart surgery", originally posted on 11/18/2019922
"My friend "C" is having heart surgery at 10:30 a.m. tomorrow (Tues). She is extremely fearful. All of the medications that the doctors have tried, have been unsuccessful due to allergic reactions. Therefore, her survival rate is very low. There are also a lot of other issues like Asthma, and being over-weight that complicate the procedure. Please God, guide the surgeons' hands and bring her through this. Amen."
Update posted on 5/4/2020: "C" found out that the Atrial Fibrillation was masking a larger problem and she'll need more invasive surgery next time. Unfortunately, it won't be for another six months due to the Covid-19. Please pray for strength of mind and that the Lord will continue to show her His presence. Amen.

23. More On "Pray for Healing", originally posted on 3/24/2020404
"Pray for healing of my brother's severe shoulder pain. Thank you for your prayers."
Update posted on 5/1/2020: My brother's shoulder pain is gone, but he doesn't have any use of his right arm. Pray that he will regain the use of his right arm. Thank you for your prayers.

24. More On "Healing", originally posted by Mercy on 11/3/2019741
"O Lord: Please heal my finances and my body."
Update posted on 5/1/2020: Yes I just want to thank all you who prayed for me. I want to thank the Lord who through your prayers has eased things up for me. I am now able to get food more easily and have been able to pay some of my growing bills. Yes God is faithful and he answers prayers. What He has started, He will complete in Jesus mighty name. He will also heal me perfectly in Jesus name. He will also be merciful to you all. Amen and thanks much again.

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