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More On "Prayer for my brother Jerry", originally posted by Christine Basa Kelley on 5/22/20191188
"Please pray that Jerry who’s undergoing dialysis 3 times a week will get the support and love..." (more)
Update posted on 10/7/2019: My brother is back to the ICU for gastric bleeding. He needs God’s miraculous healing! Our family pawned the Title of our house to pay for his medical bills. Please continue to pray for my brother Jerry. Thank you!

More On "Healing", originally posted on 8/11/2019224
"Pray for complete healing for son's torn ligaments in knee. Thank you for your prayers."
Update posted on 10/7/2019: Thank you for your prayers. Son's knee is much better.

More On "Pray For Healing", originally posted on 10/3/2019149
"Please pray for our friend, Eric, who is donating a kidney to a friend. Pray that God would keep..." (more)
Update posted on 10/7/2019: Dear friends, thank you for your prayers for Eric who donated a kidney to Bryanne. So far everything seems to be fine. Please continue to pray that the kidney won't be rejected and that both will not experience any new health concerns. Blessings,

More On "Update re Gary McMullen", originally posted by Mary on 9/24/2019199
"To all who prayed so faithfully for Gary during the early part of this year, please accept my..." (more)
Update posted on 10/5/2019: Gary still is not feeling any better and he urgently needs God's direction for his healing. We just pray that God will somehow open a new door for Gary so that healing can take place. We do believe in God's love and guidance, and that all things are possible through Him. Thanks so much for all your prayers.

Death of Rev. Joyce Davis posted on 10/5/201985
Give thanks for the life and witness of Rev. Joyce Davis, wife of PCC "Millennium Moderator" Rev. Glen Davis. Joyce died Friday after suffering a stroke a fortnight before. Her funeral will be on Sunday afternoon at St. Columba in Marion Bridge, Cape Breton. Pray for the family: Glen, Bruce, Mark, Paska, and their families.

More On "Housing for father and children", originally posted on 6/30/2019393
"He says that if he pays the rent he'll get subsidized housing and get custody of his 3..." (more)
Update posted on 10/3/2019: On his disability pension, he paid his rent and other debts but he had a relapse of mental illness and is in treatment. His estranged partner has the children although she has untreated bipolar and addictions including drugs, alcohol, and social media. She says she will never live with him again. Both have had a measure of faith in Christ but little knowledge of the Word of Christ. Pray for mentors to nurture them and bring ability to forgive and care.

Uniting of son with grandson and great grandson posted by Ruth Baker on 10/1/201991
Thinking of A this morning, Lord, and the lack of a relationship with my son ( his biological father). A has a four-year-old that we have never met and we live only a short distance from one another in the same county. Father, may You bring them together so that they can know one another and be delivered from the mistakes of the past! In Jesus name, I again ask for them to become the family they should have been for years. My son has shed many years over not being able to know his son or grandchild.

Deliverance! posted by Ruth Baker on 10/1/201990
Father I am still coming to you for the deliverance of T from getting high and making foolish choices that have made his life miserable! The mother of two of his children is threatening to leave him. They both need help in their relationship to become respectful and responsible for their children and to be delivered from the deception of the world. They both get high and like to party with friends. They need stability, He needs employment as she wants to be home and not to work. They both need you above all. In Jesus name, bring victory to this family! Amen

Protection! posted by Ruth Baker on 10/1/201975
Father, grandson J left this morning for boot camp. His goal after military is to become a police officer! May You watch over him and protect him from hurt, harm, or danger of any kind. May he return safely back to us after his training and service. In Jesus' name. Amen.

Family prayer! posted by Ruth Baker on 10/1/201979
Lord I give you praise that C and G are expecting their first child in several months. They are dedicated to you, Lord and I pray you give them a healthy baby girl and G has an easy delivery and recovery after birth. In Jesus name. Amen

Personal! posted by Ruth Baker on 9/28/2019109
Lord, I am already having some problems with the used car I purchased. I prayed before making this decision and asked for your help in choosing the right vehicle. Now there are lights coming on my dash for brakes, and tire pressure! I have limited financial support and can't afford a lot of repairs. Being a used car, the dealer offered no warranty, so I am responsible for all repairs. Please make it so that it is a minor problem and affordable to have repaired. You said to ask anything of the Father in your name Jesus, and you would answer. So I am asking you in faith to handle all things in my life. Help me to make the right choices. In your name, Jesus. Amen

More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/20191862
"Please pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a..." (more)
Update posted on 9/27/2019: Job's kidneys' function is dropping fast and his sisters are being tested to see if either of the two are a match. Please pray for the whole family and that a match will be found. Thank you all for your continued prayers for Job

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