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More On "For My Family", originally posted on 11/29/2019147
"Heavenly Father, I pray for my family to be reunited and whole again. Please heal our minds, our..." (more)
Update posted on 12/5/2019: Thank you kindly to all who have taken the time to pray for me and my family. I also pray for all families who may be going through difficult times. Lord, please help us find peace in our families, especially this time of year. Amen.

More On "My eldest Daughter needs your prayers", originally posted on 10/19/2019350
"My Daughter "J" needs your prayers desperately. She is being pressured to separate from..." (more)
Update posted on 12/4/2019: The family is still struggling. Due to my daughter's recent surgery, the amount of money brought in to pay expenses is minimal. "J" needs her husband's contribution so she's putting up with him for the time being. The stress level is higher than she can manage on her own and she feels defeated. Please continue to pray for a solution and that God will provide for them. Help them to trust God for this Amen.

More On "Daughter's surgery", originally posted on 11/8/2019187
"My Daughter "J" had surgery this morning for an upper abdominal Hernia. I am concerned..." (more)
Update posted on 12/4/2019: Praise God that "J"'s surgery went as planned. However the doctor is concerned about her recuperation and will not let her go back to work. With the lack of her income, bills cannot be paid, nor food bought, and she doesn't know how she'll provide for her 4 girls this Christmas. The two older would understand but she has two little ones who would be disappointed. Please help this family Almighty God during this difficult time. Amen.

Joy posted on 12/3/2019128
I have been dealing with Parkinson's for 5 years now. Since I was diagnosed at a fairly young age, my youngest children don't remember me when I was healthy and vibrant. Parkinson's has stolen my facial expressions. I wear a frown almost always. It has also affected my speech and my ability to laugh. My prayer request is to have the joy, that I feel in my heart, reflected on ,my face and in my laughter. Of all the symptoms that I deal with, these trouble me the most. Thank you, to those who take the time to pray for me. I am truly blessed.

prayer request for protection for my family posted on 11/28/2019107
A mentally ill young man has been posting death threats against my son who was a former colleague and who had been trying to win him for Christ. Please pray that God will protect my family and also deliver this man from his illness.

Family far away posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 11/25/2019159
I am longing to visit or have visits. My bonding with my great grandchildren is weak. I receive rare replies to my e- mails by my grandchildren. I am planning to send parcels. I need wisdom to choose gifts and books within my meager income. Please pray for my grandchildren and great-grandchildren, to bring them into closer communication with me. Pray for me to have faith in the prayers of myself and many others.

Sad feelings posted on 11/22/2019146
Please pray again for "M". She says that she feels sad all of the time. She has had a heart problem but it has been proven normal. She lost her Mum in March. What she does not want to happen is that the sadness takes 'over' and she stops the excellent program for weight loss and she gains back the 30 pounds that she has lost. Father, you know what is going on in her life. Give her the strength to fight. May your Name be Glorified. Amen

Prayer for family member! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/18/2019150
Father God, I just found out that my cousin Helen has stage one lung cancer! I am praying for a complete healing, We have lost many loved ones to this disease and we hope not to loose any more! Grant her peace and faith. She has lost two younger sisters to cancer in the past several years. Also Father God, grant peace to her family. May this bring all closer to you Lord! In Jesus name. Amen. In Jesus name

More On "Dave is improving; thanks for your prayers.", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 10/12/2019263
"Thank you, Lord. Dave's headaches are not as bad and he is moving his right leg better during..." (more)
Update posted on 11/17/2019: On November 27, it will be 2 years since Dave returned home from hospital, convalescence, and rehabilitation. Dave's headaches are extreme only at times and he continues to make good progress with his physiotherapy. He has an MRI scheduled for mid February, just to check things out. I appreciate your prayers for my health as well. This week I have started to feel better and not in pain. Linda

More On "Prayers for D and his family", originally posted on 10/26/2019348
"Please pray for D, who has been struggling with mental and physical health and is now in the ICU..." (more)
Update posted on 11/15/2019: Please continue to pray for this family as they deal with the aftermath of D's unexpected death and the accumulation of stresses that led up to it. Thank you for your generosity and may God bless you all.

More On "Beautiful Son", originally posted on 9/18/2019322
"For several years my son struggled with ‘deadly’ addiction and many prayers have gone..." (more)
Update posted on 11/12/2019: I want to thank everyone who has held my son up in prayer throughout his ongoing recovery and would like to ask for continued prayer on his recovery path! He is progressing and showing what prayer can do for our brokenness! PRAYER IS WITHOUT A DOUBT THE BEST MEDICINE! Thank you for your love and kindness! God bless you all!!!

Clear direction! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/9/2019153
Father, I am asking for your clear instruction for my daughter D. She has been battling a major decision in her life and needs your input on what the right choice is concerning her job! M. has suggested she leave her job and stay at home for a long needed rest from battling this decision. Please make it clear to her, Lord, what is the right choice so she that has no more battles in her mind. In Jesus name send her peace of mind and end this stressful decision. Thank you for accepting our prayers and looking at our heart and wanting what is best for us. Again in Jesus name, Amen

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