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More On "2019", originally posted on 12/31/2018:
"As we embrace a new year, let us be thankful for the past year and how the Lord has been faithful..." (more)
Update posted on 2/3/2019: Continue to pray for our leaders. Pray also for freedom of religion and freedom of speech in our own country.

Request for Prayer posted on 2/1/2019
Please pray for healing for my brother Jerry who is undergoing cancer treatment. I also ask for prayer for healing for my friend Brenda who is also going through cancer treatment. These two people have huge hearts for kindness and love..

Update on Victoria posted on 1/30/2019
Victoria seems to have had a setback. She called her Mum yesterday in tears. She says she feels awful and feels sick. She says that she does not want to go to further counseling as she is intimidated by the male doctor. She says that she will not be going on Monday to guidance meeting. Dear Father, she is in such a dark place. Shine Your light on her. Help her to see what she should do. May she be aware of Your presence. To You be all the Glory. Amen

Thank you everyone for being here for me posted by Bob Henderson on 1/28/2019
I want to thank everyone for all you mean to me . I do ask that you continue to pray for Gary Heath . He is still having very bad problems with his alcoholism . I ask you to pray with me for the poor and homeless. And again thank you so much for all the prayers that were for me . Bob Henderson/South Bend,Indiana

Update on Victoria posted on 1/25/2019
on 1/18/2019 Praise God she is improving. Yesterday she had a meeting about her educational future. Pray that much was accomplished. She has another meeting on Wednesday, Original Update: 23rd January, Regarding her finances. Father, may she rely on You and come back fully to You. Thank you for Your care of us. May Your Name be praised. Amen. Update: 01/25/2019 Victoria did attend both of her meetings. She has a better idea of what is in store for her. Father, we pray that she will to find faith in you. Help her forget past hurts. Praise to Your Name Amen

More On "Please pray for my husband!", originally posted on 1/19/2019:
"Please pray for my husband who has to go in to the hospital on February 20/19 for a stint! The..." (more)
Update posted on 1/25/2019: I was telling my husband about all the people praying for him. He is very humbled and feels so much gratitude for all your prayers! THANK YOU prayer warriors for everything!

More On "Please pray for the unborn!", originally posted on 1/19/2019:
"Please pray for the unborn children, who have been disposed of because of abortion! New York City..." (more)
Update posted on 1/25/2019: So sorry to hear this, New York passed this new law! I feel so bad for all the new unborn children, but please continue to pray for the women who are contemplating this. Please God, make women realize there are other ways, beside this procedure! In Jesus name we pray, Amen!

Prayers for Elsie posted on 1/24/2019
Thank you for your prayers for Elsie, a college student who has been battling cancer. Her chemo treatments in December were only moderately successful which has prevented her from advancing to the stem cell transplant phase of her treatment. She started another 6-week chemo regimen yesterday. Thank you for your continued prayers that she and her family remain positive and that her cancer will go into remission. She feels good and if it weren't for her hairless head and a tumor, you'd never know she had cancer.

A new start posted on 1/24/2019
I pray that I can let go of everything that has ever hurt me and been used by the devil to trap me in an unending cycle of health issues and problems throughout my life and that of my family. In so doing may I start afresh in the Trinity's blessings and healing because I know that we're not meant to suffer. Amen.

More On "Please pray with me", originally posted on 1/12/2019:
"My friend is soon to be 73 and is a woman with an intellectual disability and an anxiety disorder...." (more)
Update posted on 1/24/2019: Thanks for continued prayers. J has extra support for a temporary time, and medications continue to be adjusted. Her conversation and memory are a little more clear, although mobility has decreased some. She is not so sad now. Your prayers are very much appreciated.

More On "Dave is getting active", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 1/15/2019:
"Please pray for safety for Dave. The other morning I heard noise from his room. I found him on the..." (more)
Update posted on 1/23/2019: It is almost 2 years (Feb. 1 2017) since Dave's hemorrhagic stroke and emergency brain surgery. Today, as a follow up for the surgery to replace the bone flap, the neurosurgeon said Dave does not have to come for any more appointments. He is very pleased with the surgery results and said, "The hard part is over; now the fun part begins.", with reference to Dave's ongoing recovery, and progress that can be made. He does not believe that the headaches that are improving are related to either the shunt procedure or the bone flap replacement. There are many reasons that could be possible, even his sinuses for example. This is good news and reason for praise for how God has also been at work and hope and encouragement for what will also occur in his recovery process to come. Thank you for your continued prayers. Linda

RB distrusts and belittles her partner posted on 1/20/2019
She spends much time on Facebook on apps that are falsely spiritual. The 1 and 3 year old recovered from flu.They are short of food. Her partner EM took the 8 year old to live with his mother. I am praying for them to find and enjoy a church where all will be happy and nurtured. I am praying for Christian mentors and social workers to help them resolve their resentments and poverty.

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