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Young Couple posted by Marmie on 6/4/201980
I know such gratitude as a result of prayers for the young couple looking for a home, struggling with jobs, arranging a wedding - all your prayers have made a mighty and wonderful difference. So thank you, and thank the Lord that He answers our prayers with measureless grace, mercy and pure love. My prayer is to learn a heart of gratitude, praise and obedience, as I try to learn to trust in Gods omnipotent wisdom and plan. I have learned that God is always available to help those we pray for, when God puts their needs before us.. May He richly bless you all for your kind prayers, in Jesus name...

Thank you for your prayers posted on 6/4/201990
Thank you for prayers for our friend and extended family member JH, battling cancer. She fought it bravely and courageously with no complaint. The tumor was eradicated, but she lost the battle. Her strong faith that her life was in His hands was a testament to "Not my will, but Thine".

Prayers very much appreciated posted on 6/4/2019101
Thank you for your continued prayers for our friend's son, CD, who suffered a hemorrhagic stroke last year at the prime of his life, leaving him severely disabled. They are very much appreciated. Please continue to pray that God's gracious guidance will be with him, his family and all those in whom his care is placed. We ask this in Jesus name. Amen

mrs posted by BBbraye on 5/30/2019121
My son is having seizures and now he is to have a brain scan.

Prayer for Carole posted by Carole MacVicar on 5/28/2019129
Please pray for Carole with 10 days of a cough and pain in the lungs. May it not be pneumonia. May Jesus lay his healing hands upon Carole and ease her pain.

More On "Rejected young father", originally posted on 5/18/2019236
"His partner left for two weeks, left him caring for their three little daughters and her two..." (more)
Update posted on 5/25/2019: The judge listened to her rather than him. He is not allowed to see any of his three children. He has sciatica and old ruptured discs. He is desperate and wants to die. Please pray also for rapport with his mother who has the 7 year old child.

More On "Daughters lifestyle choice", originally posted on 4/1/2019333
"My daughter has decided that she wants to date a girl. While I will always love her..." (more)
Update posted on 5/25/2019: I am humbled and uplifted by the prayers for me! My daughter is asking more questions about Jesus which thrills me. Please continue to pray for us and our daughter, that His plan for her life unfold for her and us. Thank you so much for your continued prayers!!

My friend's husband needs a job posted by Monica Dodson on 5/20/2019126
My friend Joy's husband John worked for Nortel and he was laid off along with everyone else. He has had temporary jobs since then. He was recently laid off from his last job. He is 60 now and it isn't easy competing with younger workers. John and Joy are both feeling very stressed and they are under financial strain. Please pray that John finds another job.

More On "Restoration", originally posted on 4/8/2019330
"Please join me in prayer for family relationships. Thank you. I enjoy the daily reflections...." (more)
Update posted on 5/18/2019: My peace is growing. Thank you

separated from body of Christ posted by Ken Fitzpatrick on 5/17/2019111
Join me in praying for homeless Christians who are separated from fellowship in the body of Christ for one reason or another.

More On "Young man needs prayer", originally posted on 5/12/2019214
"Gwen’s 21 year old son, Nathaniel, needs prayer. He has had a difficult time since his dad..." (more)
Update posted on 5/16/2019: Gwen and Nat met with his lawyer yesterday. The police gave the lawyer video evidence of what happened. It doesn't look good for Nat. Gwen and Nat were both very discouraged. Nat needs medical help. Thank you for all your prayers. Gwen and I both really appreciate them.

Grieving family. posted by Ruth Baker on 5/15/2019121
Father I am asking for your peace for my uncle J's family. You called him home recently and his wife and family are grieving. He and his wife were together for over 55 years. She lives alone and needs your peace to get through it all and to have your protection and guidance. in Jesus name.. Amen Please send her Christian visitors to help and guide her. Amen

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