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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada55
Pray for graduates from our theological colleges to be blessed as they head out into the world to serve in various forms of ministries.

More On "Medical", originally posted on 4/23/2019390
"My husband is going to see a naturopathic doctor. Pray that he will be able to help him with his..." (more)
Update posted on 6/15/2019: This has been a down week, My husband is suffering from nausea. Pray that this will clear up and he will be able to come home next week.

More On "Doctor Needed", originally posted on 4/22/2019355
"My elderly parents are moving to a seniors' home in a community closer to family. The doctor..." (more)
Update posted on 6/15/2019: We are been blessed with care from wonderful doctors but sadly my stepfather has been diagnosed with an aggressive cancer. They have determined that surgical options are not viable. We are waiting for an appointment with the cancer clinic to determine if radiation is an option. My stepfather’s age and overall poor health are factors to be considered. Prayers for the strengthening of their faith and the peace that passes all understanding for parents and family are needed.

Update on "M" posted on 6/14/201956
Please pray for M whose husband suffers from a mental condition. He refuses to take any medication because of bad reactions in the past. Out of the blue he will just explode saying awful things to his wife and making threats. Next day he acts as if nothing has happened and when she tries to talk about it he either ignores her or changes the subject. Father please grant that he will get help from a new doctor for his anger. Please strengthen his wife. In all areas may your name be praised and glorified. Amen. Update on 6/14/2019. Thank you for your prayers for M. The situation has improved but she is still waiting for the next blow up. May she find peace and completely rely on Your love Father. Help him to get control of his anger. To You be all praise and glory Amen

Update on Victoria posted on 6/14/201955
Victoria has had a bit of a setback. She insists that she is no better than she was last year. She went to see a mental health professional again last week. She says that she is in a very dark place. Father, please help her to see that she is improving and she has great worth. May Your Name be praised. Amen. UPDATE posted 6/14/2019 Victoria was able to attend a function with lots of people and was able to stay the full 90 minutes with no panic attacks. I think despite what she says, that she is a little better. Thanks and praise to you Father. Amen

More On "New dwelling", originally posted on 6/3/2019159
"After many months of preparing our house for sale, an opportunity on the perfect place for us, came..." (more)
Update posted on 6/14/2019: In regards to selling our home, we had an offer last night but one clause is causing me distress. The problem is that there is a condition of selling their home, with the time- line running right into the middle of our vacation and we can't get back. If they're unable to sell their home and it happens while on vacation, we could come home to find out we would only have about 3 weeks to try to sell. We have no choice but to have everything finalized and be in our new place by the end of August. Please God, help us to work through this and give me thy "Peace that passes all understanding. Amen.

Still needs deliverance. posted by Ruth Baker on 6/13/201974
Father, grandson T Is still in need of your Holy Spirit to guide his path in life and bring him to Jesus for salvation and deliverance from the evil one's deceiving ways. He needs a dependable job and an affordable, dependable vehicle to provide properly for his family. His children's mothers A and H also need spiritual awakening and victory through the blood of Jesus. In Jesus name, all glory, honor and praise be to you Lord. No other can provide all that they need, especially spiritually. Amen

Healing and deliverance. posted by Ruth Baker on 6/13/201969
Father I ask for complete healing for my uncle Ken who is struggling with heart disease. His defibrillator is not working correctly and is causing him to be shocked. They have to do a procedure to get things working properly. In Jesus name, be with the medical team and bring my uncle to full healing of body, mind and spirit. May he call on You for salvation and repentance. In Jesus name. Amen

Sherry posted on 6/13/201975
You have prayed before re John's colon cancer, metastatic to lung. He has had 3 surgeries and 5 months of chemo. There is a new lung lesion that may or may not be cancer. Please will you pray for his healing. We praise and thank God who says to us, as He said to Isaiah, "Do not fear, for I will help you."

More On "Friend suffering from addiction suddenly bereaved (husband)", originally posted on 3/30/2019604
"Heavenly Father, we do not know Your plan, but trust in You. Please hold my friend suffering from..." (more)
Update posted on 6/11/2019: Many thanks for all your prayers. My friend sent a card, and mentioned she will look forward to breeding dogs once again. So she is hopeful, and may God bless you all for your continued prayers for her health and well-being. I continue to pray that the Holy Spirit will touch her.

More On "Prayer for my brother Jerry", originally posted by Christine Basa Kelley on 5/22/2019330
"Please pray that Jerry who’s undergoing dialysis 3 times a week will get the support and love..." (more)
Update posted on 6/11/2019: Thank you again for your continued prayers for my brother Jerry. He went to his doctor for a check up and his veins, where the new fistula needs to go, are very small. It will need nearly $2000 for a different kind of tube to be inserted if his veins do not improve. He is trying some exercises to enlarge his veins. Please pray that his veins enlarge and to be healthy enough to have a new fistula inserted. Pray also that his neck catheter continue to serve its purpose without infection or clogging while he is waiting and exercising for his veins to improve. Please pray that his children will show their love and support for him and that he may be sustained with the presence of God’s love! He lives in the Philippines and does not have health insurance for surgeries. I try my best to work overtime here in the US so that I can send him money to help him in his medical and financial needs.

More On "More on Dave from Linda ...", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/28/2019307
"Dave had 3 nights at St. Jo's this week, and I am thankful for having some extra rest. He is..." (more)
Update posted on 6/10/2019: Dave progresses with his mobility. He is on a 'nustep' machine each week to build up his stamina. Then the physiotherapist and her assistant help him to walk a short distance, with a walker. Speech is returning slowly but he still has his same personality with smiles, and laughter. God has answered so many prayers for over two years.

More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/2019940
"Please Pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a..." (more)
Update posted on 6/6/2019: Job is now experiencing prostate issue along with kidney failure, diabetic ulcer that won’t heal and I think he is overwhelmed with all the health problems at once. Pray for healing of mind, body and soul. May he feel God’s presence more than ever. He is a good man. Thank you!

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