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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada <communications@presbyterian.ca> on 11/19/2018
Pray for the Assembly Council as it meets today, that it may wisely and enthusiastically continue to provide strong support and faithful leadership for the church.

grandparents concerns posted on 11/18/2018
Our request is that people would pray for our grandson and his wife, that as young Christians, they will be given the love, courage and stamina to face what may be awaiting them in the near future. They have been married over two years and are expecting twins next spring. This past week they were told by the Doctor that one of the twins may be suffering from Down’s Syndrome. I, as a grandparent, firmly believe in 1 Corinthians 10:13. Please help us to pray that God will give them the strength to accept His will for their lives and their precious babies. Thank you sincerely for your prayers and the prayers of God’s people. Prayer changes lives! God Bless! Nils and Ruth

More On "Upcoming Surgery for Dave", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 11/8/2018:
"Pre-op sometime next week; surgery to replace the left bone flap November 22 or 23. Please pray for..." (more)
Update posted on 11/18/2018: Thank you for your prayers. Dave is starting to feel better. At the doctor's yesterday he was cleared: no flu, with no fever, and a clear chest and lungs. He is starting to feel better and get his appetite back. Dates for preop and surgery were confirmed today (both in Hamilton): Wednesday Nov 21 at 11 AM at the preop clinic; Thursday Nov 22 at 9 AM for surgery at 11 AM. Please pray for good weather for those days. Thank you for your continued prayers for the surgery. Linda

Financial struggles posted by Sandy Monica on 11/18/2018
I need to ask for prayers as I struggle financially. I am semi retired and on a fixed income. My house recently sold and the new landlord raised my rent $200 a month. Then my car broke down and will cost $1400 to repair, I am still paying hospital bills that my insurance didn’t cover( $4000 deductible) I had to borrow for the car repair but I need my car to get to work! And I just paid my last car payment!!! The mechanic tells me it’s too much to pay but I have no other options!. I know that God hears our prayers. Please pray that he shows me what to do !

Bring J home posted on 11/18/2018
Please pray for J. She has left home, diabetic and young. She needs to come home and get the help she needs. The family is very concerned and worried. Pray that J will get the help that she needs and the parents, grandparents, that love her so much, will be understanding, and they can resolve this issue. May she be kept safe wherever she is.

Grandpa posted on 11/17/2018
My granddaughter M is a drug addict and as much as she wants to be free from it, she keeps being pulled back by her need for the drug, and her involvement with the wrong friends. She ran away from home earlier this week again. My daughter has connected with her and hopefully will be able to pick her up and take her home again. We are trying to find a place that will take her in and provide the treatment she needs. Please pray that M will come home, have the strength to fight her addiction, and that we can find the right treatment center that can take her in.

More On "Urgent answer needed!", originally posted by Ruth Baker on 10/22/2018:
"Lord, I need direction on how I should deal with the situation going on in my daughter's home..." (more)
Update posted on 11/16/2018: Grandson has recently started a new job. He has been staying at my daughter's until he and girlfriend save enough for housing assistance. They need to get enough for security deposit by second week of December. They have a one year old son and a daughter due in several weeks. Today T. went to Support Court for back support for his three year old from previous relationship. The judge gave him two weeks to come up with $700 back support or he will go to prison for sixty days without work release, which will cause him to loose his job. Ex. was going to drop support arrears but judge will not allow it. I fear for his safety if he goes to prison, because he has emotional problems, He was diagnosed with A.D.D and has anger issues. Pray for God"s intervention and will to be administered to T. In Jesus name. Amenl

Healing posted on 11/16/2018
Please pray for healing for great niece, whose cancer has come back. She is in a lot of pain, and will have to go through chemo treatments.

prayer for pet's healing posted on 11/16/2018
Thank you for your prayers for our Kitty Brownie. As mentioned he has been diagnosed with Diabetes. His health seems to be deteriorating and he doesn't want to eat. Please pray for his health to improve, and also for the vet to have a plan for his health to improve. Thank you.

Sister had major stroke posted by Myrtle Macdonald on 11/15/2018
Nov 12 at 5 AM, Cora's favorite caregiver in Assisted Living found her fallen on the floor. In ER the TPA injection did not clear up the occlusion in an artery in her right brain. Her ICU Internist and social worker met with Rev. JB (who is also an RN) and me yesterday and graciously explained the choices. Her family doctor had also seen her and agreed. She can't swallow, barely responds and can't move her left leg and arm. We chose comfort measures rather than tube feeding. Even if she recovers, she won't be able to live in Assisted Living again,. So I am faced before Nov 30, with giving her precious things to relatives living 2000 or 4000 km away, or donating them to second hand stores and/or have a sale. At 97 myself all this is overwhelming. Telling our family is hard. Brother Walter cried and asked for prayer.

Please pray for Elsie posted on 11/15/2018
Please pray for Elsie and her family. After a year battling cancer, Elsie, a college student, thought that she was cancer- free, only to find out recently that it had returned. The more aggressive recommended therapy might affect her ability to conceive children. Please pray for Elsie.

All to God I surrender! posted by Ruth Baker on 11/15/2018
Thank you Lord God for being with me during this time of trouble and concussion in my life. With a heart btoken, I surrender all to you for peace to come in our lives, and deliverance for all. In Jesus name. Amen.

More On "Concerned Mom", originally posted on 10/30/2018:
"My husband and I have our 2 adult children with disabilities living with us. We are really feeling..." (more)
Update posted on 11/14/2018: UPDATE: We are still looking for housing, in a very tight housing market. We have learned that we could get a subsidy for either the 4 of us together (in a larger place, of course) or for our children in a 2 bedroom place of their own. We'll take just almost anything suitable at this point, just to get out from on top of each other! Thank you so much for all your prayers!

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