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Today's Prayer Partnership request posted by The Presbyterian Church in Canada21
Pray for the Woman of Faith Awards Committee as they continue the work of assessing and revising the administration of the awards in preparation for the next National Presbyterian Women's Gathering in 2020.

My friend's husband needs a job posted by Monica Dodson on 5/20/201925
My friend Joy's husband John worked for Nortel and he was laid off along with everyone else. He has had temporary jobs since then. He was recently laid off from his last job. He is 60 now and it isn't easy competing with younger workers. John and Joy are both feeling very stressed and they are under financial strain. Please pray that John finds another job.

More On "More on Dave from Linda ...", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/28/2019182
"Dave had 3 nights at St. Jo's this week, and I am thankful for having some extra rest. He is..." (more)
Update posted on 5/19/2019: Dave was able to go to the St. Jo's overnight respite April 23-26. and he is able to go there again next week from May 21-24. Please pray that his headaches would not jeopardize his time while there.He also started the day program there this past Monday from 10 am to 1 pm. Some specific praise/prayer points: 1)Dave continues to make good progress with his mobility little by little. 2) Dave's headache difficulties. 3)Travel to Brockville June 14-17 to visit with Rachel.** 4)Immediate need for 2 female conversation partners. 5)Giving ministry update in a supporting church May 26. ** Both physiotherapists believe Dave should be able to handle this. Pray for me since I will not have any PSW help during that time. Thank you for your continued prayers. Linda

Rejected young father posted on 5/18/201972
His partner left for two weeks, left him caring for their three little daughters and her two teenage sons. She kept the family allowance and came home drunk. She and her sister assaulted him. He became ill in a coma and with pneumonia. He was in ICU two weeks and came home yesterday. The children are not safe. A month ago he applied for custody of the children and family allowance. He gets a small disability pension. He needs a job and $400 to pay the pawn for his truck. I sent him a study Bible. I pray for him to read it and find a family church for future long term fellowship. He says the churches are weird and not like they were when he was a child in Sunday School. Please pray for her. Her church is 200 km away.

More On "Restoration", originally posted on 4/8/2019273
"Please join me in prayer for family relationships. Thank you. I enjoy the daily reflections...." (more)
Update posted on 5/18/2019: My peace is growing. Thank you

separated from body of Christ posted by Ken Fitzpatrick on 5/17/201964
Join me in praying for homeless Christians who are separated from fellowship in the body of Christ for one reason or another.

Son with mental illness posted by Grammy on 5/16/201983
My mentally challenged son has become mentally ill with schizo-ephective (bipolar plus schizophrenia) disorder. Please pray for complete healing. Also prayers requested for solutions for his caregivers and family.

Join us in prayer posted by Marilyn Martin Bigger on 5/16/201971
Please pray that Summerside Presbyterian Church finds a new Director of Music. We have been without one for almost six months, we have had wonderful musicians in to help us on a weekly basis, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find that cover every Sunday. Bringing music into our Worship Services is so vitally important. Thank You.

More On "Young man needs prayer", originally posted on 5/12/2019165
"Gwen’s 21 year old son, Nathaniel, needs prayer. He has had a difficult time since his dad..." (more)
Update posted on 5/16/2019: Gwen and Nat met with his lawyer yesterday. The police gave the lawyer video evidence of what happened. It doesn't look good for Nat. Gwen and Nat were both very discouraged. Nat needs medical help. Thank you for all your prayers. Gwen and I both really appreciate them.

Grieving family. posted by Ruth Baker on 5/15/201978
Father I am asking for your peace for my uncle J's family. You called him home recently and his wife and family are grieving. He and his wife were together for over 55 years. She lives alone and needs your peace to get through it all and to have your protection and guidance. in Jesus name.. Amen Please send her Christian visitors to help and guide her. Amen

healing posted by Ruth Baker on 5/15/201976
Father I ask for healing for my Aunt A, who was diagnosed with bile duct cancer that is inoperable. Father, give wisdom to the medical team in how to best treat her condition and touch her with a complete body healing. What is impossible for man is possible for you.. Give her your peace and remove any anxiety she may have. In Jesus name.. Amen

Prayers are needed please posted on 5/15/201979
Prayers for our friends' son, CD, and his family would be very much appreciated. He suffered a hemorrhagic stroke last year at the prime of his life leaving him severely disabled. Please pray for God's continued guidance to be with them and with all in whom his care is placed. Thank you. In Jesus' name we pray. Amen

Prayers for our trip posted on 5/14/201974
Friday morning we're leaving on vacation. We have a seven hour drive to reach our first stop for the night and then almost as many hours to reach our destination the next day. Sitting for so long causes my lower back and legs to swell. Your prayers for a safe and pain-free trip would be most welcome. Thank-you God for giving us this vacation away from the stress we've been enduring. Amen.

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