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Worldwide Ministry posted on 7/3/202063
In India—Pray for persecuted Christians, as in the death of Samaru, who was only 14 years old. A group of fanatics targeted Samaru and tried to first kidnap him, but then killed and buried the teenager in the jungle. His only 'crime' was that his father served in the local Christian church. Please pray for justice for Samaru and for healing for his family.

1509 1. More On "Prayers please", originally posted on 11/15/2019
I will be seeing a Neurologist next week for some health issues that I have been having. I would appreciate your prayers that God will enable this physician to figure out what is going on and thus be able to do something to eliminate the pain. Thank you.
Update posted on 7/2/2020: I now have to go on the 9th for more bloodwork. Your continued prayers and the messages of support mean so much to me. You have no idea how much strength you have given me through all of this. Thank you is not enough to express how grateful I am.

570 2. More On "Prayers for Dave and family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/27/2020
Dave and I are doing well. We are still adjusting to no outpatient groups and no physio for Dave. We try to get outside each day for a walk. I am thankful to have the psws coming morning and evening to help with Dave so that I have time to do errands and get groceries. Rachel and Jonathan are doing well. Rachel did really well with her past semester. She has 2 months left in her programme, supposedly for a placement, but it will be with online materials, assignments, and interaction with team members from her class. Pray for this adjustment. Jonathan was looking for work before the corona lock down. Pray that something might be possible when some of the restrictions start to be relaxed. Thank you for your prayers. Linda
Update posted on 6/30/2020: Rachel has made it home for a week with drives from friends and her parents. Jon had a job interview today [Tuesday] and we pray that it will result in work. Please pray for Linda as she copes with all that is going on as well as looking after Dave. Be with them as they drive Rachel part way to Brockville on Saturday. Thank you for your prayers. Ruth

93 3. Prayers for those suffering depression posted on 6/30/2020
My prayers are for all who struggle and suffer with depression, as well as for their families and friends who often feel helpless in how to help. Praise God for websites such as "Heads Up Guys" which offer understanding, resource help and sharing with others experiencing the effects of depression. In Jesus' name, we offer our thanks. Amen.

108 4. update on Katie posted on 6/29/2020
Praise God. Katie has been in contact with her parents on several occasions. Her parents are moving and there are boxes belonging to Katie still at home. She says That she will come either Wednesday, 1st July or Saturday 4th. This will be the first time in her presence for 6 years. Heavenly Father,grant the meeting will take place and much good will come out of it. She is still fragile in her mental state so please Lord, guide the parents to do the right things. To you be all Glory and Praise Amen.

474 5. More On "Cancer returned", originally posted on 6/4/2020
My sister, S, has been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and now, through more testing, it was discovered that the cancer is also in her lungs and liver . Please keep her in your prayers for healing, continued faith and peace to take one day at a time and to trust in our Lord and Saviour. Thank you .
Update posted on 6/29/2020: Thank you for all your prayers. My sister S is in hospital, receiving her #2 chemo treatment . She did very well with her first treatment. Please keep her in your prayers as she goes forth with her extended chemo treatments. She still has faith , strength and determination to meet this head on and to move ahead . Thank you .

86 6. The Next Right Step posted on 6/29/2020
We have sold our house and are now trying to determine what to do next. We want to make the best financial decision. There are so many moving parts and scenarios that it is hard to know where to begin and what the next right step is. So we rent?... Where?...What about work? Lord help us to hear your wisdom and direction in this next stage of our lives.

4365 7. More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/2019
Please pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a match and God’s grace as he goes through the transplant and recovery. He is a good man with a very good heart. Thank you for your prayers
Update posted on 6/28/2020: Job’s radiation therapy starts next Wednesday. Please pray that it goes well. He is physically and emotionally exhausted all of the time, He really needs a medical breakthrough. Please keep his family and him in your prayers over the next couple of weeks...let them feel God’s love and presence and peace throughout this journey. Thank you for your prayers

916 8. More On "Still Hope", originally posted on 4/22/2020
Please pray for all abuse to stop in our family. It feels so much worse than the current Covid-19 emergency going on. Please pray for repentance within family. Pray for heart truth, and for lies to be faced in Christ’s light and somehow forgiven. Pray for this in all families too, not just mine. Thank you. Please.
Update posted on 6/27/2020: Praise God for your prayers, I could sure feel them and thank you. It went to mid-Friday and the judge said that he needed time to think about it, He will give his decision July 13 or 14. A wealth?? of lies were sworn in court so it must be hard for the judge. I am praying that he will use his legal power to make the right decision, for the God who knows all things. Lies really wound and hurt. God knows and has a plan for these children and their parents. I feel despondent right now from maybe the stress of it all. Thank you.

139 9. To move or not to move posted on 6/23/2020
Well! An opportunity for a life lease in an assisted living facility has come up and I have 3 days to respond yes or no. At the moment my health is pretty good, and I am content in my apartment, but it is very expensive and I have had to hire outside help when health needs arise. Other opportunities will come in a few years. I ask for prayers so that the Holy Spirit can guide me towards the right decision. In Jesus name

145 10. Justice and Mercy posted on 6/23/2020
Please pray for a full end to a slyly hidden case of child abuse and an end to all false accusations.

133 11. Pray for work posted by Carole MacVicar on 6/22/2020
Please pray for my husband to retain his job. Please may the decision makers see his value and not be involved in the politics.

170 12. Shingles posted on 6/20/2020
Please pray for my sister, H, who has a terrible case of Shingles on her face. Please pray that there will be no long lasting effects and that she will recover completely. Please pray also for resolution of conflict in her living conditions, which I believe are contributing to her illnss.

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