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More On "Money issue is getting far worse", originally posted on 2/15/2020308
"My Daughter had to have surgery and because the place where she worked hit a bad slump they had to let her go and will need to close their business. This all comes at a bad time financially because her husband totalled his sister's car yesterday. The money issue is getting far worse with a family of six to feed and bills to be paid. God please help them during this difficult time. Amen."
Update posted on 3/22/2020: My daughter is getting a small amount of UI to help them, but now with the Covid1-19, there's very little food in the stores to feed their family of 7. Her oldest daughter came down sick and had a fever of 107F at one point, but has only a few cold symptoms now. They figured that the symptoms were from the Strep-throat and antibiotics she had a couple of weeks ago. Please pray for this desperate family. God help them please. Amen.

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