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Worldwide Ministry posted on 7/15/202069
In Niger — Pray for wisdom for decision makers in Niger in relation to CV- 19 issues, and for continued calm in the country. The local French schools had opened for a month so students could prepare to write their exams. Now everyone is on summer break. Pray for wisdom for Sahel administration, in knowing when to start school, currently planning to open on August 25.

248 1. More On "Prayer for many friends, with not getting enough sleep", originally posted on 7/5/2020
I have many friends who can't get enough sleep at night, whatever the cause! Lord, please help us to turn off the stress of the world. Please send relief from stress and lack of finances. This, we pray together in confidence, to the Lord, Amen.
Update posted on 7/14/2020: Please continue to pray for my friends to receive more sleep. They are getting 4-6 hours a night, and really need 6-9 hours each night. Thank you Prayer Partners.

625 2. More On "Cancer returned", originally posted on 6/4/2020
My sister, S, has been diagnosed with Bowel Cancer and now, through more testing, it was discovered that the cancer is also in her lungs and liver . Please keep her in your prayers for healing, continued faith and peace to take one day at a time and to trust in our Lord and Saviour. Thank you .
Update posted on 7/13/2020: My sister S. is having her #3 Chemo treatment today . She is having increased pain in her hip and lower back . She meets with the Oncology “ Pain manage” team today so let us hope and pray , that they will be able to offer her a pain schedule medication which will give her relief . Please continue with prayers and hope . Thank you once again for all the prayers and support . B.

81 3. update on M posted on 7/12/2020
Original request on 6/10/2020. Their basement apartment which they rent had a backup of sewage. They had to empty everything out in one day. They are in a hotel until Friday. Money is short and they need a place to live. Nothing is available. Father, please give them strength for the tasks. They had no insurance. May Your name be glorified in all this mess.Thank You for your presence with them. Amen. Update posted on 7/12/2020 M has moved back down to their finished basement. They have been gifted with bedroom furniture but need living room stuff. I think this has been a blessing in disguise. Father we thank you that You are interested in even the smallest part of our lives. To Thee be all Praise and Glory Amen

727 4. More On "My son healing", originally posted on 6/20/2020
Pray for my son, Calvin, that he will come out of his depression.
Update posted on 7/10/2020: Cal was grumpy yesterday but still much better. He is very worried about the virus. He is going to a cottage with some friends tomorrow. I pray that this time away will be good for all of us. Thank you for your prayers. I feel we are coming out of the dark.

210 5. More On "The Next Right Step", originally posted on 6/29/2020
We have sold our house and are now trying to determine what to do next. We want to make the best financial decision. There are so many moving parts and scenarios that it is hard to know where to begin and what the next right step is. So we rent?... Where?...What about work? Lord help us to hear your wisdom and direction in this next stage of our lives.
Update posted on 7/9/2020: Thank you for your prayers! Friday we will receive the second deposit which will make us feel more confident. Our house plans are being finalized. We have made arrangements for a trailer to live in while we build. We are just waiting on hearing the timing for services installation like septic, well, foundation and hydro. I will notify my work most likely next week. Please pray that I can transfer, so that I have job security. Thank you for the peace from prayer.

707 6. More On "Prayers for Dave and family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/27/2020
Dave and I are doing well. We are still adjusting to no outpatient groups and no physio for Dave. We try to get outside each day for a walk. I am thankful to have the psws coming morning and evening to help with Dave so that I have time to do errands and get groceries. Rachel and Jonathan are doing well. Rachel did really well with her past semester. She has 2 months left in her programme, supposedly for a placement, but it will be with online materials, assignments, and interaction with team members from her class. Pray for this adjustment. Jonathan was looking for work before the corona lock down. Pray that something might be possible when some of the restrictions start to be relaxed. Thank you for your prayers. Linda
Update posted on 7/8/2020: Dave and Linda are surviving this heat and celebrated their 36th wedding anniversary. Jon is starting work next week. Please pray that all goes well. Rachel returned back home safely and finishes her schooling in August; she will be looking for work after that. Thank you for your prayers for this family and may they continue as we move into summer. Ruth

271 7. More On "Medical issues and job", originally posted on 6/14/2020
Please pray for C. He lost his job and needs one to pay his bills. He has a medical condition and the doctor cannot seem to find what is causing it. He has been dealing with the doctor by phone because of the Covid-19. Pray that he gets help with his medical problems. This is causing him anxiety. He also really, really needs a job where he is happy. God is good. Thanks prayer partners.
Update posted on 7/8/2020: Please continue to pray for C. He is still under doctor's. care and they want to try some new medication but it is very expensive. He has no insurance and cannot work because of his issues. He feels that he has no life. He cannot go outside as the heat triggers his issues. He is having depression because of this situation. Prayer is needed. Thanks for all those who are praying for him.

95 8. May God word spread! posted by Ruth Baker on 7/7/2020
Father, may your word be open to all those who have not heard of old and an understanding and a willing heart to those who have heard and have not asked Jesus into their lives. In Jesus name amen.

127 9. New Ministers posted on 7/7/2020
Please remember new ministers, maybe in their first charge, dealing with the Pandemic. Lord, give them strength to cope with their young families and the responsibility of leading a congregation, while having to minister in a new way via Zoom. May they truly put all their trust in You and follow Your leading. May they be very conscious of Your presence.

534 10. More On "Prayers for a close family member", originally posted by Jacquie Worley on 5/11/2020
Please pray for A. She is only 47 and the mother of three young daughters. For unknown reasons, at least so far, her liver is failing. She has to have paracentesis to remove the fluid from her abdomen. Please pray that the reason for the failure is found, that effective treatment may be found, and that she will not need a liver translplant.
Update posted on 7/6/2020: We were able to spend time with A this weekend. Although the test results are improving, she looks like a walking skeleton. Because your many prayers are appreciated, we are asking you to continue them, please.

135 11. Update on Katie posted by Olivia McMillan on 7/5/2020
Praise God. Katie has been in contact with her parents on several occasions. Her parents are moving and there are boxes belonging to Katie still at home. She says That she will come either Wednesday, 1st July or Saturday 4th. This will be the first time in her presence for 6 years. Heavenly Father, grant the meeting will take place and much good will come out of it. She is still fragile in her mental state so please Lord, guide the parents to do the right things. To you be all Glory and Praise Amen. Update posted 7/5/2020 Praise the Lord! Katie did visit and it was pleasant. She seemed very calm and happy. Her parents will be visiting her this week to deliver the rest of her boxes. Father, how we earnestly pray that full contact will soon happen. To Thee all praise and Glory. Amen

387 12. More On "Prayer for Cancer Treatments", originally posted by Anita McLennan on 5/19/2020
My dear friend Barb had another MRI on her pancreas and the tumour has grown. They plan to operate, but a time has not been set yet because of Covid-19. Please pray for a date for surgery and for a safe result. Lord please guide the surgeons hands as it is a delicate operation. Also please provide care and comfort for Barb and her husband and children. I pray for complete healing. In Jesus name I ask. Amen.
Update posted on 7/3/2020: Thank you for your prayers for my friend Barb. The specialist, after reviewing her scans and MRIs, feels that the surgery would most likely be too dangerous for her at 87 and has said that he feels the spots on her liver are not cancer and the other growth is perhaps a bubble of some kind. They will do another MRI but we ask for prayers for peace, comfort and a miracle. She is in a happy state because of no surgery and perhaps the doctor is being kind and letting her live without the worry until the Lord calls her to her heavenly home. To us he said she would probably not survive surgery. Blessings to all of you.

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