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More On "New dwelling", originally posted on 6/3/2019406
"After many months of preparing our house for sale, an opportunity on the perfect place for us, came yesterday at an open house viewing. My husband is getting the details worked out. We could really use your prayers in preparing our offer efficiently, because offers are being accepted by tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. It is possible that other people will also be bidding on it. I think this is the answer we've been praying for. Please God, if this be your plan for us, let it be done. Amen"
Update posted on 7/2/2019: The process for reducing our belongings, due to a lack of space where we're moving to, is taking it's toll on me. I have been suffering from chronic pain issues for decades and all this activity is making things much worse. Most nights I can't fall asleep because I'm in so much pain and many nights, I cry myself to sleep. There will be no end of activity until well into September and I see no relief at this point. Your prayers and God's mercy are the only things that are keeping me going.

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