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More On "Family is sick", originally posted on 12/5/2018:
"Please pray for the two branches of my family who are experiencing the Flu. We are supposed to get together on Saturday to go cut down our "Christmas trees". Please pray that everyone will be well by then and that no one else will come down with the flu from being in contact with each other. Amen."
Update posted on 1/10/2019: Two parts of our family were able to go get the trees with us but the other family were sick and had to get theirs later. Everyone keeps getting sick in succession. Our youngest granddaughter "C" who's 4 years old has a bad cold and is prone to bronchitis. So is my husband 'A' who needs to go get his flu shot before he ends up with a problem. My husband has weak lungs due to whooping cough as a child so he has to be very careful. I've been having migraines for the past 2 or more weeks and would also appreciate your prayers. Please continue to pray for our family. God have mercy on all of us and help us through these difficult times. Amen.

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