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Current PrayerLine Requests

Worldwide Ministry posted on 5/26/202038
In South Sudan — With the evacuation of missionaries from South Sudan, pray for the national leaders as they serve their communities. Pray that the Covid-19 virus does not come to Mabaan County, as it would be devasting among people in their present living conditions. Pray that people would seek the Lord: that those who do not know him will find Him, and that those who do will grow in their faith.

31 1. Blessings and praise posted by Ruth Baker on 5/25/2020
Father, bless and lift up those today who have lost loved ones due to war. Pray for those who serve in the military. In Jesus name. Amen

36 2. He's family posted by Ruth Baker on 5/25/2020
Father we pray for J and his family with six children. His wife had surgery and then lost her job. Now his work place may also shut down and without employment there will be a great struggle to survive. May you look upon them and their finances. Help them to see their spiritual need as well as their financial need. Bless and fulfill them in mind, body and spirit. In Jesus name. Amen

35 3. Mareen posted by Ruth Baker on 5/25/2020
Father, we ask for healing for Mareen who is battling for her life from contacting Covid 19. May she be completely healed without complications, in Jesus name. Amen .

246 4. More On "Prayers for a close family member", originally posted by Jacquie Worley on 5/11/2020
Please pray for A. She is only 47 and the mother of three young daughters. For unknown reasons, at least so far, her liver is failing. She has to have paracentesis to remove the fluid from her abdomen. Please pray that the reason for the failure is found, that effective treatment may be found, and that she will not need a liver translplant.
Update posted on 5/24/2020: Good news. Because of a stringent diet and medications, the blood tests are showing improvement. Praise the Lord! Prayer works! She is still not out of the woods, so continuing prayers are appreciated.

177 5. More On "Depression", originally posted by Karen Knuff on 5/20/2020
My son George, has become seriously depressed due to the onset of Covid 19. He cannot work because there is no music industry. He and his partner's living situation is a very small one bedroom apartment. There is help out there for his depression, but because he is depressed, he does not do anything to help himself. Please pray for him to see that he needs 1/God back in his life again, and 2/relief and healing for his depression. Pray that he can find a doctor who is taking new patients. That would be a miracle! Thank you so much for your prayers.
Update posted on 5/24/2020: Praise God! I just received two wonderful pictures of George lying in a hammock by lake Ontario. It is 17 degrees out! To me this a miracle. He looked happy. I talked to him today and he sounded great. He's got a job for 2 weeks! He sounded so positive! Truly this is an answer to our prayers! Praise God that He knows better than we do, as to what we should pray for! God has been faithful. I'm filled with gratitude for your prayers and the answer that we all received.

431 6. More On "Amazing progress!", originally posted by Robert G. Paxton on 4/20/2020
I had just posted an update on requests for Doreen' s surgery date to be moved ahead, when the phone rang and it was Doreen to say, "My surgeon just came in and told me that my surgery is TOMORROW MORNING AT 11:00 a.m.!" I cannot thank you all enough for your prayers, or thank you Jesus enough for your response! Praise be to our awesome God. Blessings!
Update posted on 5/24/2020: Thank the Lord that Doreen is in her last phase of treatment and can almost see her front door. Thank you to all who have prayed her way there!

921 7. More On "Devastating time for my Daughter", originally posted on 12/11/2019
My youngest daughter "V" and her family are going through a devastating time. God knows how bad a situation they are in. Please pray that help comes soon because they're barely holding on. Amen.
Update posted on 5/23/2020: Both my daughter and her husband are feeling the after- affects of the Covid-19. They feel exhausted all the time and are just not themselves. The two of them work cleaning houses but it had to be stopped when they got sick. Then the government closed the businesses in general. Money is very tight to feed their family and pay bills as it is with most people these days. They're trusting in God that He will supply all their needs according to his word. Your prayers would be most welcome. Amen.

532 8. More On "Money issue is getting far worse", originally posted on 2/15/2020
My daughter had to have surgery and because the place where she worked hit a bad slump they had to let her go and will need to close their business. This all comes at a bad time financially because her husband totalled his sister's car yesterday. The money issue is getting far worse with a family of six to feed and bills to be paid. God please help them during this difficult time. Amen.
Update posted on 5/23/2020: J's husband's work place is now facing a close-down. With both of them out of employment things are going to be very dire with the costs of everything for their large family. May God provide for their every need. Amen.

317 9. More On "Most dire circumstance needs prayers", originally posted on 4/15/2020
The wife of a friend of ours, "Maureen", tested positive for Covid-19 a week ago. She is now in the Hospital I.C.U. and fighting for her life. Her Husband "Cam" has already lost one wife in his life-time and this will surely break him if he looses her as well. Prayer warriors, they need your prayers desperately in this most dire of circumstances. Please Almighty God, heal her quickly and completely and give them both "Your peace that passes all understanding". Amen.
Update posted on 5/23/2020: Maureen's re-cooperation is not going well. Now she's also suffering from PTSD from being in the Hospital. Her husband is concerned with the side-affects from the Covid-19. Please pray for her newest complications. May God give her "His peace that passes all understanding" in dealing with her PTSD and her other health issues. Amen.

3864 10. More On "Stage 4 Kidney Failure", originally posted by Kathy Nelson on 3/11/2019
Please pray for my friend Job. He is in stage 4 kidney failure and needs a transplant. He needs a match and God’s grace as he goes through the transplant and recovery. He is a good man with a very good heart. Thank you for your prayers
Update posted on 5/20/2020: Job’s current prayerLine is "I need to have my Prostate biopsy come back next week with the right results" ...as it plays a big role in whether or not he will get a kidney transplant from his sister. Pray for Job and his family to experience God’s presence and calmness during this time. Thank you for the continued prayers

323 11. More On "Prayers for Dave and family", originally posted by Ruth Burk on 4/27/2020
Dave and I are doing well. We are still adjusting to no outpatient groups and no physio for Dave. We try to get outside each day for a walk. I am thankful to have the psws coming morning and evening to help with Dave so that I have time to do errands and get groceries. Rachel and Jonathan are doing well. Rachel did really well with her past semester. She has 2 months left in her programme, supposedly for a placement, but it will be with online materials, assignments, and interaction with team members from her class. Pray for this adjustment. Jonathan was looking for work before the corona lock down. Pray that something might be possible when some of the restrictions start to be relaxed. Thank you for your prayers. Linda
Update posted on 5/19/2020: Rachel may be discharged from the hospital later this week. Jon is still looking for work and living with us. We have concerns about Dave's headaches plus his wanting rest earlier and more often. For example: We went out for coffee out and a couple of errands. When we got back and I was getting lunch ready he suddenly put his head down and went sleep in his chair. I was able to get him into bed, but I am concerned as this is happening more often. I do appreciate your prayers for him and for wisdom for me. Linda

104 12. Prayer for Cancer Treatments posted by Anita McLennan on 5/19/2020
My dear friend Barb had another MRI on her pancreas and the tumour has grown. They plan to operate, but a time has not been set yet because of Covid-19. Please pray for a date for surgery and for a safe result. Lord please guide the surgeons hands as it is a delicate operation. Also please provide care and comfort for Barb and her husband and children. I pray for complete healing. In Jesus name I ask. Amen.

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