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More On "Pray for successful surgery", originally posted by Anita McLennan on 8/1/2019240
"Please pray for my friend B who is to undergo surgery to remove a cancerous growth on her colon. Please pray it will just be on the outside of the colon and not have entered it. She has surgery on Aug. 3rd. Thank you."
Update posted on 8/16/2019: Barb is doing well and saw her family Doctor to get her staples out but has no results from the Lab yet. She has to have another C scan as they saw a spot on her liver that they want to explore more fully. Please pray this is not a worrisome spot and that they find no further tests and treatment are needed. Barb wanted me to thank you for your prayers.. She said that she was overwhelmed by all the caring people praying for her and she felt so much more peaceful going into surgery because of them. God Bless all of you.

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