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More On "Moving - A transition", originally posted on 6/22/2019367
"We are making a big move from Ontario to PEI to downsize and be relieved of some financial burdens and to enjoy a fresh start and simpler life. We have been working long days to put our home on the market. It goes live today. Please pray that a family finds our home their dream home and that it sells quickly for a great price. Please pray with us as the emotional transition brings a multitude of emotions for us and our friends and family. We feel greater peace as we carefully move forward. Let God's presence be felt and his guiding direction made known to us."
Update posted on 7/14/2019: Thank you, Lord, and thank you prayer family. The open house was well attended. The weather cooperated and the feedback from people was positive. We also had an honest and transparent conversation with our realtor about next steps and expectations for marketing and communication and we feel more at ease about how she is working for us. Now we pray for it to unfold as the Lord has planned and trust. Thank you.

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